AFL & Winter Ball Week 2

Twins prospects are in the 2nd week of winter ball and 2nd week of the AFL league
Most of us should have heard of the big week that Kyle Gibson had going off on a dominating 10 inning stretch giving the Twins real hope that maybe, just maybe the team can actually develop a pitcher who can be effective.
Another pitcher who I have always liked but just can’t stay healthy is David Bromberg. He is pitching in the Venezuelan league and so far has done well.
He is on the Tigers who have several Twins on the team:
Angel Mata, Edgar Ibarra, Cesar Ciurcina, Dakota Watts, Josmil Pinto, Oswaldo Arcia.

Bromberg is a prospect who dominated High A in 2009 and did respectful in 2010 reaching all the way to Rochester as a Starter. I was hopeful that he would be in rotation sometime in 2011. Unfortunately during 2011 he was out most of the year with injuries (some kind of broken arm I forget exactly what but it wasn't due to wear and tear) and in 2012 he could never get on track. He had a few more injuries and just couldn’t get going as a Starter. The 25 year old is down in the Winterball trying to build up his arm and prove to the organization that he can still be a starter. ERA wise he is doing well but with only 5 SO and 6 BB he still has a long way to go. I think he is a Minor FA and could sign anywhere but should stay with the Twins.

In somewhat more hopeful news is the performance of Angel Mata. This guy has been in the organization seemingly forever but the Venezuelan is still only 20 and pitched well in the Appy League last year. He has been a starter most of his career but is being used out of the bullpen. If Google translate did not fail me he entered the game in the 8th with the base loaded, what did he do? He struck out the side. He has 7 SO so far in 5 IP. I expect him to start the season in Beloit Cedar Rapids and if he pitches well he should end the year in Fort Meyers. All the other Twins prospects on the Tigers are having stinkers of starts. Most disappointing is Arcia who everyone was hoping would dominate this league as he did in AA last year. It might be he is just adjusting to the home cooking and will get it going soon. He should as a .325 OPS is just impossible to maintain…I hope.

Aaron Hicks got his first HR of the season playing for the Bravos de Margarita. They are continuing using him in the Leadoff spot and that is good thing. We have seen a lot of good buzz on him but its important to note that lots of players on his team are putting up huge stats. He is being outplayed by such prospect as Wilmer Flores who is a Mets 21 year old IF and even Sean Burroughs. So despite his decent play I am getting a bit a concerned. He SO totals will be his biggest problem in the majors and its something to watch. He is patient and wants to wait for his pitch, but he is going to have to learn how to start fouling off those marginal balls instead of watching them for Strike Three. A MLB leadoff hitter cannot have his SO totals so something is going to have to change for this kid sooner than later.

Chris Colabello is dominating the Mexican league with a 1.26 OPS. I am not sure if he is on the roster anymore or not but if so, I hope he can get a chance to play at AAA next year and maybe used in an Emergency similar to Matt Carson was this year. Unfortunately, he only plays 1B and that is a tough position to crack in the bigs.

In Arizona Chris Herrmann and Nate Roberts are both hitting well with both sporting 1.1 OPS’s. I really don't know where Roberts fits in with this organization as I said last week he needs more versatility to get to the majors. Caleb Thielbar & Michael Tonkin both haven’t given up an earned run in relief. I am not sure how far Theibar will go with this team but he is quote a story. He was with the St Paul Saints in early 2012!

However Logan Darnell is simply not getting done. Why the Twins invited him to the AFL is beyond me. Opponents hit .308 off him the regular season this year and they are hitting .304 off him in the AFL. Evan Bigley falls into the “happy to be here” category and seeing little playing time and being infective when in there. I am sure the coach of the Javelins is not happy with the Twins for sending those two to his team.

Twins Prospect Links. Here are a few links I found this week. If there are other links, please post them in comments

Fan Graphs has a cool post of Travis Harrison:

John Sickels keeps putting Twins prospect out on his site: Baxendale and Berrios: -- This is an interesting discussion especially on Baxendale as there seems to be some debate if he is a prospect or not.


Someone else talks more about Gibson:

Full stats bellow if there is others guys I am missing say so in the comments.
Oswaldo Arcia, 0.154 Batting Ave, 5 Games, 13 AB , 0 HR , 1 Walks, 7 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0.214 On Base %, 0.231 Slugging, 0.445 OPS% , - Yikes
Evan Bigley, 0.118 Batting Ave, 4 Games, 17 AB , 0 HR , 0 Walks, 6 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0.118 On Base %, 0.176 Slugging, 0.294 OPS% , Double Yikes!
Drew Butera, 0.25 Batting Ave, 3 Games, 8 AB , 0 HR , 3 Walks, 3 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0.455 On Base %, 0.25 Slugging, 0.705 OPS% , I still can'tfigure out why a guy on the 25 man roster is in this playing here. Must be girl related
Chris Colabello, 0.474 Batting Ave, 5 Games, 19 AB , 0 HR , 2 Walks, 4 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0.524 On Base %, 0.737 Slugging, 1.261 OPS% ,
Eduardo Escobar, 0 Batting Ave, 2 Games, 7 AB , 0 HR , 2 Walks, 1 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0.222 On Base %, 0 Slugging, 0.222 OPS% ,
Pedro Florimon, 0 Batting Ave, 1 Games, 3 AB , 0 HR , 1 Walks, 1 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0.25 On Base %, 0 Slugging, 0.25 OPS% ,
Chris Herrmann, 0.5 Batting Ave, 3 Games, 10 AB , 0 HR , 2 Walks, 1 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0.583 On Base %, 0.6 Slugging, 1.183 OPS% , Ready for the bigs this year?
Aaron Hicks, 0.333 Batting Ave, 5 Games, 21 AB , 0 HR , 1 Walks, 5 SO, 2 Stolen Bases, 0.364 On Base %, 0.429 Slugging, 0.792 OPS% ,
Josmil Pinto, 0 Batting Ave, 2 Games, 4 AB , 0 HR , 0 Walks, 1 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0 On Base %, 0 Slugging, 0 OPS% ,
Wilkin Ramirez, 0.2 Batting Ave, 3 Games, 10 AB , 0 HR , 2 Walks, 3 SO, 0 Stolen Bases, 0.333 On Base %, 0.3 Slugging, 0.633 OPS% ,
Nate Roberts, 0.455 Batting Ave, 4 Games, 11 AB , 0 HR , 2 Walks, 0 SO, 2 Stolen Bases, 0.533 On Base %, 0.636 Slugging, 1.17 OPS% , As I said last week, please learn how to play the IF!
David Bromberg, 0 Wins, 0 Loses, 3.38 ERA, 1 Games, 1 Games Started, 2.2 Innings Pitched, 3 Strike Outs, 0.222 Bat Ave Against, I really want it to work for him. If he could emerge as a starting option it would be huge for the club.
Cesar Ciurcina, 0 Wins, 1 Loses, 16.2 ERA, 2 Games, 0 Games Started, 3.1 Innings Pitched, 2 Strike Outs, 0.267 Bat Ave Against,
Logan Darnell, 0 Wins, 0 Loses, 3.18 ERA, 3 Games, 0 Games Started, 5.2 Innings Pitched, 5 Strike Outs, 0.304 Bat Ave Against, This guy is not very good. He is also bad against LH hitters. Since he is a Left handed pitcher it is not a good combo. I hope he can figure it out
Kyle Gibson, 2 Wins, 0 Loses, 0.9 ERA, 2 Games, 2 Games Started, 10 Innings Pitched, 16 Strike Outs, 0.263 Bat Ave Against,
Edgar Ibarra, 1 Wins, 1 Loses, 3.38 ERA, 2 Games, 2 Games Started, 8 Innings Pitched, 5 Strike Outs, 0.194 Bat Ave Against,
Angel Mata, 0 Wins, 0 Loses, 2.45 ERA, 2 Games, 0 Games Started, 3.2 Innings Pitched, 4 Strike Outs, 0.214 Bat Ave Against, I like this guy. A lot. He walks too many people But I have heard he has some good out pitchers
Anthony Slama, 0 Wins, 0 Loses, 0 ERA, 1 Games, 0 Games Started, 1 Innings Pitched, 2 Strike Outs, 0 Bat Ave Against,
Caleb Thielbar, 0 Wins, 0 Loses, 0 ERA, 3 Games, 0 Games Started, 3 Innings Pitched, 3 Strike Outs, 0.111 Bat Ave Against,
Michael Tonkin, 0 Wins, 0 Loses, 0 ERA, 3 Games, 0 Games Started, 4.1 Innings Pitched, 3 Strike Outs, 0.154 Bat Ave Against,
Dakota Watts, 0 Wins, 0 Loses, -.-- ERA, 1 Games, 0 Games Started, 0 Innings Pitched, 0 Strike Outs, 1.00 Bat Ave Against,

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