Fall / Winterball Week 4

Winter Leauge stats are starting to accumulate. This week we saw Oswaldo Arcia heat up and raise his average to .273 getting regular playing time at LF while Aaron Hicks is going in the opposite direction and has 1 hit since Oct 20th. Sano has started getting some ABs in the Dominican leagues, Gibson came out with a clunker and the Australian league just started.

In the Arizona league Nate Roberts continued his dominance of the league by getting a lot of singles, 3 SB and maintaining an unreal 1.14 OPS. He is doing it mostly through getting good contact and advancing when he is on base paths as he only has 4 extra base hits all doubles. He is having a great fall and must be having a great time. Kyle Gibson had his first bad start of the Arizona fall league. He is still getting a lot of Ground Balls and keeping walks down to a minimum. His problem in his last two games has been a lack of SO. It looks like hitters are being more patient with his pitches and waiting him out. I think this should give a little caution to Twins Fans who have already penciled him in the 2013 rotation. The Arizona league only has about 2 weeks left on the schedule so he probably will have about 2 more starts. Hope he can make them count. Michael Tonikin continues to pitch remarkably consistent. The 2008 draft pick out of HS has shown that he belong in the bullpen with 9 IP and no earned runs. His strike out numbers are not too impressive with 6 but he keeps getting in games for more than 1 inning at a time and keeps putting up 0s. Not bad. I would expect that he has pitched his way into the AA bullpen this winter. He turns 23 this month so he will still be a touch young for his level and looks to be a bullpen arm to watch next year.

Sano has started playing in the Dominican league and has 2 singles in 7 AB. It will be interesting to watch him this year as he will be facing competition that is around High A or AA level.

In the Venezuelan league we can see Hicks continue to fall like a rock. I'm not sure if he got some bad food, drank the water, met a girl or just is on the typical streaky Aaron Hicks pattern. He has gotten 1 hit since Oct 20 and is now hitting .196 with a .599 OPS. As much as it pains me to say, at this point he is destined to play in AAA for most of the season unless he can cut down the streaks and just play consistent. In brighter news Oswaldo Arcia is showing that he is the most advanced bat in the Twins System right now. He started out poor but now over the past week he is hitting a .943 OPS with 2 HR. He has brought his average all the way up to .273 and looks to be playing much more regularly. Strangely the Leftie is mashing LH pitchers and is getting held down by righties. David Broomberg started 1 game and his bad peripheral numbers caught up to him and he got touched for 6 Earned runs in 3 innings. Angel Mata continues to be the stopper out of the bullpen sporting 12 SO in 10 IP. Dakota Watts is being used in the bullpen for low leverage situations and he is slowly recovering from his terrible first few outings.

Anthony Slama is doing well in the Mexican league with 6 SO in 7 IP with 4 BB. However for some reason 3 of the BB are intentional so I am not sure what is going on there. Chris Colabello is showing off his professional bat in the Mexican league sporting a .838 OPS.

The Australian league kicked off this week and for some reason they have Liam Hendricks starting on the Reserve List and he has not pitched yet. I tried to find out if that is was due to injury but so far came up with nothing. The only notable from the first few games is the 6’8” 220 pound 22 year old Tyler Herr who pitched in E-town out of the bullpen. He has gone 1 inning with 1 SO and no Earned Runs. He is interesting to watch due to his height. He was a 44 round pick out of HS in 2009, spent 2 years in the GCL and something clicked for him and he had 2.56 Era in E-town with 29 SO in 31 IP.

Full Stats Below:

Arcia, Oswaldo 0.273 Batting Ave, 18 Games, 44 At Bats, 3 Doubles, 2 Home Runs, 7 RBI, 5 Walks, 14 Strike Outs, 0.346 OB%, 0.477 SLG %, 0.823 OPS,
Arias, Jhonatan 1.00 Batting Ave, 1 Games, 1 At Bats, 0 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 1 RBI, 0 Walks, 0 Strike Outs, 1.00 OB%, 1.00 SLG %, 2 OPS,
Bigley, Evan 0.217 Batting Ave, 12 Games, 46 At Bats, 3 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 4 RBI, 4 Walks, 12 Strike Outs, 0.28 OB%, 0.326 SLG %, 0.606 OPS,
Butera, Drew 0.250 Batting Ave, 13 Games, 32 At Bats, 3 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 6 RBI, 7 Walks, 10 Strike Outs, 0.385 OB%, 0.344 SLG %, 0.728 OPS,
Colabello, Chris 0.288 Batting Ave, 18 Games, 66 At Bats, 8 Doubles, 2 Home Runs, 12 RBI, 5 Walks, 17 Strike Outs, 0.338 OB%, 0.5 SLG %, 0.838 OPS,
Escobar, Eduardo 0.184 Batting Ave, 11 Games, 38 At Bats, 1 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 4 RBI, 2 Walks, 9 Strike Outs, 0.244 OB%, 0.211 SLG %, 0.454 OPS,
Florimon, Pedro 0.224 Batting Ave, 13 Games, 49 At Bats, 0 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 1 RBI, 7 Walks, 9 Strike Outs, 0.333 OB%, 0.224 SLG %, 0.558 OPS,
Herrmann, Chris 0.50 Batting Ave, 3 Games, 10 At Bats, 1 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 0 RBI, 2 Walks, 1 Strike Outs, 0.583 OB%, 0.600 SLG %, 1.183 OPS,
Hicks, Aaron 0.196 Batting Ave, 15 Games, 51 At Bats, 2 Doubles, 1 Home Runs, 5 RBI, 8 Walks, 17 Strike Outs, 0.305 OB%, 0.294 SLG %, 0.599 OPS,
Pinto, Josmil 0.222 Batting Ave, 5 Games, 9 At Bats, 2 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 2 RBI, 2 Walks, 1 Strike Outs, 0.364 OB%, 0.444 SLG %, 0.808 OPS,
Ramirez, Wilkin 0.160 Batting Ave, 8 Games, 25 At Bats, 1 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 4 RBI, 4 Walks, 7 Strike Outs, 0.290 OB%, 0.280 SLG %, 0.57 OPS,
Roberts, Nate 0.462 Batting Ave, 12 Games, 39 At Bats, 4 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 7 RBI, 6 Walks, 4 Strike Outs, 0.577 OB%, 0.564 SLG %, 1.141 OPS,
Rohlfing, Dan 0.333 Batting Ave, 2 Games, 6 At Bats, 0 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 3 RBI, 1 Walks, 0 Strike Outs, 0.444 OB%, 0.333 SLG %, 0.778 OPS,
Sano, Miguel 0.286 Batting Ave, 2 Games, 7 At Bats, 0 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 0 RBI, 1 Walks, 2 Strike Outs, 0.375 OB%, 0.286 SLG %, 0.661 OPS,
Williams, JaDamion 0.167 Batting Ave, 3 Games, 12 At Bats, 0 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 0 RBI, 1 Walks, 3 Strike Outs, 0.231 OB%, 0.167 SLG %, 0.397 OPS,
Younis, Jacob 0.00 Batting Ave, 2 Games, 3 At Bats, 0 Doubles, 0 Home Runs, 1 RBI, 0 Walks, 0 Strike Outs, 0.25 OB%, 0.00 SLG %, 0.250 OPS,

Bromberg, David - 0 Wins, 1 Losses, 5.06ERA, 4 Games, 4 Games Started, 16 Innings Pitched, 11 Walks, 13 Strike Outs, 0.316 Batting Ave Against,
Ciurcina, Cesar 0 Wins, 1 Losses, 16.2ERA, 2 Games, 0 Games Started, 3.1 Innings Pitched, 2 Walks, 2 Strike Outs, 0.267 Batting Ave Against,
Darnell, Logan 0 Wins, 0 Losses, 3.48ERA, 7 Games, 0 Games Started, 10.1 Innings Pitched, 5 Walks, 10 Strike Outs, 0.302 Batting Ave Against,
Gibson, Kyle 3 Wins, 1 Losses, 4.2ERA, 4 Games, 4 Games Started, 15 Innings Pitched, 3 Walks, 20 Strike Outs, 0.328 Batting Ave Against,
Guerra, Deolis 0 Wins, 0 Losses, 9.82ERA, 4 Games, 0 Games Started, 3.2 Innings Pitched, 2 Walks, 3 Strike Outs, 0.412 Batting Ave Against,
Herr, Tyler 0 Wins, 0 Losses, 0.00ERA, 1 Games, 0 Games Started, 1 Innings Pitched, 0 Walks, 1 Strike Outs, 0 Batting Ave Against,
Ibarra, Edgar 1 Wins, 3 Losses, 7.23ERA, 5 Games, 5 Games Started, 18.2 Innings Pitched, 12 Walks, 17 Strike Outs, 0.291 Batting Ave Against,
Landa, Yorman 0 Wins, 1 Losses, 7.36ERA, 2 Games, 2 Games Started, 3.2 Innings Pitched, 6 Walks, 4 Strike Outs, 0.25 Batting Ave Against,
Mata, Angel 0 Wins, 0 Losses, 0.9ERA, 6 Games, 0 Games Started, 10 Innings Pitched, 4 Walks, 12 Strike Outs, 0.216 Batting Ave Against,
Munoz, Miguel 0 Wins, 1 Losses, 13.5ERA, 2 Games, 0 Games Started, 2 Innings Pitched, 2 Walks, 3 Strike Outs, 0.4 Batting Ave Against,
Perdomo, Luis 1 Wins, 0 Losses, 2.08ERA, 3 Games, 0 Games Started, 4.1 Innings Pitched, 4 Walks, 3 Strike Outs, 0.167 Batting Ave Against,
Slama, Anthony 0 Wins, 1 Losses, 1.29ERA, 6 Games, 0 Games Started, 7 Innings Pitched, 4 Walks, 6 Strike Outs, 0.261 Batting Ave Against,
Thielbar, Caleb 1 Wins, 0 Losses, 11.57ERA, 8 Games, 0 Games Started, 9.1 Innings Pitched, 4 Walks, 7 Strike Outs, 0.375 Batting Ave Against,
Tonkin, Michael 1 Wins, 0 Losses, 0ERA, 7 Games, 0 Games Started, 9 Innings Pitched, 1 Walks, 6 Strike Outs, 0.167 Batting Ave Against,
Watts, Dakota 0 Wins, 1 Losses, 7.2ERA, 5Games, 0 Games Started, 5 Innings Pitched, 3 Walks, 1 Strike Outs, 0.188 Batting Ave Against,

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