Rochester Celebrates 10 years of affiliation by immortalizing Dustin Martin on a Magnet

This is the 10th year of the Twins and Rochester having an affiliation. During this time the Redwing have had a lot of success and have seen great players play on their field. As the article mentions

"The relationship has produced five winning teams for Rochester in nine seasons with one trip to the Governors' Cup finals - plus two league ERA leaders (Scott Baker, 2005; Kevin Slowey, 2007)...three IL Rookies of the Year (Jason Kubel, 2004; Francisco Liriano, 2005; Randy Ruiz, 2008) league strikeout leader (Boof Bonser, 2005) league wins leader (Dave Gassner, 2004)...and two batting titles (Kubel, 2004 and Ruiz, 2008)."

Who made the cut of the 10 all time Rochester greats during their twin's affiliation? The list after the jump

Despite all the success they have had, over the last few years, the Rochester NY media has been bashing the Twins and longing for the Orioles to return. Now this year their FO moves Twins games to accommodate Yankees games and creates crazy 10:35 am starts. So now in the year to celebrate the relationship and maybe try to undo some the damage done, the AAA club has created a magnets giveaway to honor certain former Redwings so the fans could revel in nostalgia and help them through their current bad patch. On to the list:

May 20 - Jason Bartlett
June 8 - Trevor Plouffe
June 22 - Denard Span
June 24 - Jose Morales
July 14 - Stan Cliburn
July 25 - Scott Baker
July 27 - Tommy Watkins
August 9 - Garrett Jones
August 19 - Chris Heintz
August 31 - Dustin Martin

I get that they are honoring people who have played a long time there, but seems they could have sprinkled in a Morneau or Kubel in this list. 1 person in this list represent one the more embarrassing trades in Twins history. Stan Cliburn was fired and raised a ruckus on his way out. Obviously, Span and Baker are fine, Plouffe I don’t get because he played a long time but didn’t do much there…and Chris Heintz?

I don’t know…seems a little underwhelming…but then maybe this is why Rochester hates the Twins.

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