Billy Beane Memorial Pick 6 Challenge Winners


Here's the scores from the last fanpost. Sorry it's so late. Sometimes life and work don't mix well. I'm also missing the scores for 6/8, but they are in the totals for that period. I seem to recall it was a bad day for anyone not named amiller92.

If you aren't familiar with the BBMP6C, here are the rules: You can only pick players on the Pick 6 board who cost $0.50, so your team can cost no more than $3.00. That's it!

Scores for 6/9

amiller92-----48.2/$0.06pp 3rd place overall!


Big Money winner Erwin54 with 57.6 for $120 or $2.08pp

Congrats to amiller92 on finishing 3rd overall!

That's it...I didn't even get to pick yesterday...

Leaders by Total Points 5/25-6/8

  • 1. what_would_gil_thorp_do----470.9
  • 2. amiller92---------------------------392.9
  • 3. less cowbell, more ‘neau----284.9
  • 4. archie2227------------------------242.5
  • 5. Twnzfan----------------------------203.7
  • 6. twinsgirl197-----------------------180.3
  • 7. ColossusOfRhode--------------141.4
  • 8. Black Metallic-------------------128.7
  • 9. spanspanspan-------------------85.0
  • 10. SooFoo Fan--------------------76.6
  • 11. aariediger------------------------62.4
  • 12. doug_2050----------------------49.2

Leaders by Total Points 5/13-6/8

  • 1. what_would_gil_thorp_do----781.5
  • 2. amiller92---------------------------617.9
  • 3. less cowbell, more ‘neau----575.4
  • 4. archie2227------------------------538.1
  • 5. Twnzfan----------------------------358.1
  • 6. ColossusOfRhode-------------308.1
  • 7. SooFoo Fan---------------------304.1
  • 8. twinsgirl197----------------------293.9
  • 9. spanspanspan------------------282.3
  • 10. doug_2050---------------------253.5
  • 11. Black Metallic----------------167.9
  • 12. aariediger-----------------------62.4
  • 13. Devereaux----------------------24.2
  • 14. Jesse----------------------------3.9

Leaders by Average Points per Game 5/24-6/8 (2+ Games)

  • 1. what_would_gil_thorp_do----33.6
  • 2. spanspanspan-------------------28.3
  • 3. amiller92---------------------------28.1
  • 4. Black Metallic-------------------25.7
  • 5. archie2227------------------------20.2
  • 6. less cowbell, more ‘neau----19.0
  • 7. Twnzfan----------------------------18.5
  • 8. twinsgirl197-----------------------18.0
  • 9. ColossusOfRhode--------------17.7
  • 10. SooFoo Fan--------------------15.3

I would've made a points per game since 5/13, but my database crashed piece of scratch paper is gone.

So what do you think? Should we play for another two weeks, or it was a nice experiment, but it's just not working?


Winners by Total Points

1. amiller92---------------------------1127.5

2. what_would_gil_thorp_do----894.0

3. less cowbell, more ‘neau----870.0

4. twinsgirl197----------------------563.1

5. Twnzfan----------------------------555.3

6. archie2227------------------------538.1

7. ColossusOfRhode-------------350.9

8. SooFoo Fan---------------------310.0

9. spanspanspan------------------282.3

10. doug_2050---------------------253.5

11. Black Metallic----------------192.8

12. Jesse----------------------------106.4

13. aariediger-----------------------62.4

14. Devereaux----------------------24.2

Most Points in one Game:

amiller92 78.9

Leaders by Total Points 6/9-6/22

1. amiller92---------------------------509.6

2. less cowbell, more ‘neau-----294.6

3. twinsgirl197-----------------------270.0

5. Twnzfan----------------------------197.2

6. what_would_gil_thorp_do----112.5

7. Jesse------------------------------102.5

8. ColossusOfRhode--------------42.8

11. Black Metallic------------------24.9

12. aariediger-----------------------21.3

14. SooFoo Fan---------------------5.9

Leaders by Average Points per Game 6/9-6/22 (2+ Games)

1. amiller92---------------------------36.4

2. Jesse-------------------------------34.2

3. twinsgirl197----------------------33.8

4. less cowbell, more ‘neau-----24.4

5. Twnzfan----------------------------19.7

6. what_would_gil_thorp_do----16.1

7. Black Metallic---------------------8.3

8. SooFoo Fan-----------------------3.0

amiller 92 sweeps the board!!! Congrats!!!

Thank you to everyone who played! It was fun! If I'd known we were going to do this, I would've made up an Excel spreadsheet to make bookkeeping easier, but so it goes. GO $3.00 TEAM GO!!!

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