Yes, this is another one of those "how do we rebuild this team" posts. I'll start of by saying: I really have no idea. A lot of you follow non-Twins baseball and the minors and scouting and the like a lot more closely than me. But I'm going to share a few thoughts anyway.

I think any analysis has to start with evaluating what we've got, and considering what we could get for it. Unfortunately, we haven't got much. After the jump, how I would break down the roster.

Quality Players You Might Build Around

Josh Willingham

Denard Span

Scott Diamond

Glen Perkins

Jared Burton

Veterans Who Contribute, But Cost Too Much

Joe Mauer

Justin Morneau

Matt Capps

Carl Pavano

Enigma Wrapped In A Riddle

Francisco Liriano

Young Players Who Need A Shot To Prove Themselves

Ben Revere

Trevor Plouffe

P.J. Walters

Inexpensive Veteran Role Players

Jamey Carroll

Ryan Doumit


Everyone else

I'd say that looks pretty ugly. I see only five guys that look like sure pieces you want to keep around, and that's including two relief pitchers (i.e., commodities) and a rather generous grading of one starting pitcher with a very short track record. And, of course, this is the group that would be most attractive to other teams as trade bait to restock (except Diamond who hasn't shown enough to be valuable yet, I don't think). I'd hate to see any of these guys go, as they are mostly young and all pretty cheap. These guys are valuable enough to get interest, but too valuable to trade unless you can rob someone.

Which brings us to the second category. These are all guys whose contribution you value, but whose price doesn't match. The M&M boys probably have extra marketability value (and Mauer has a no trade clause) that make them untouchable. Plus their durability issues vastly undermine their trade value. But putting those things aside, the guys in this group are the ones a rebuilding team should most want to flip for prospects. If things continue, I fully expect that Capps and Pavano will go, but not for enough to provide a ton of future help. From a pure, ruthless business point of view, I kind of wish M&M were healthy enough that they could be valued as stars that could be moved for a nice haul. The fan in my objects, though.

That leaves us with only one hope to turn the current roster into meaningful future value: Liriano. We've spent the last two off seasons hoping he can re-find the magic and turn into our ace. Now we need to hope he can re-find the magic and turn into valuable trade bait.

Because after that, I just don't see much help on the trading market.

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