Twins at Indians News and Notes

Chris Herrmann is attacked by a marauding baseball.

Schedule (all games on FSN)

Indians Notes

  • Since we last saw Cleveland, the Indians dropped two out of three to both Texas and Detroit, which really isn't bad given how much of a swoon the team's been in. The sad part: winning four of six was enough to put them back a game ahead of the Twins. These are, sadly, the worst two teams in the American League.
  • David Huff is making his first start in the majors since 2011; he threw six innings in two relief appearances last week, and will take the hill for Cleveland for the first time since September 24 of last season - a start that also came against the Twins. He'll be limited to about 80 pitches, according to reports.
  • Cleveland has scored just 586 runs this year, fewer than all but perennial offensive tire fire Seattle. They've also allowed 765, second in the AL behind - sigh - the Twins, who have allowed one more.
  • The Indians have lost eight of their last ten games against Minnesota.
  • This week's Lonnie Chisenhall Update: "Lonnie Chisenhall" still sounds like a dude who works at the gravel pits, bowls with your dad on Tuesday nights, and tries to slip you beer when your old man's back is turned because he thinks it's funny. This has been your Lonnie Chisenhall Update.

Twins Notes

  • Poor Liam Hendriks. Should he fail to get a win Wednesday, he'll move into second place on the all-time list for most starts at the beginning of a career without a win. The record is 20, which he theoretically could reach this year.
  • Matt Capps is hoping to return for the Yankees series this weekend; he's down in the Instructional League and is set to pitch in a simulated game tomorrow. Good for him for still working hard when he could easily just shut it down for the year, I guess.
  • Pedro Florimon appears to have the inside track on the starting shortstop job in 2013. "He's got a great set of hands," Ron Gardenhire told ESPN 1500. This is surprising, given that Brian "Rock Hands" Dozier kicked six balls in 83 games this year, and Florimon's booted four in 29. Florimon also swings the bat like a modern-day Drew Butera. So does Dozier - I'm not trying to tell you that Dozier is the answer here - but the point I'm trying to make is that Pedro Florimon kind of sucks so far and I hope he gets a lot better soon.
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