Twins 5, Yankees 4: Twins Beat Yankees; Mauer Pulls Within Three Points of Cabrera

Jason Miller - Getty Images

Esmerling Vasquez pitched the first quality start of his major league career and the Twins came back from a three-run deficit to TOTALLY CREAM THE YANKEES by one run.

Although it wasn't the no-hitter everyone had hoped for, Esmerling Vasquez had the most solid start of his career for the Twins tonight, pitching six innings while surrendering only a two-run home run to Nick Swisher (earned run wise). With his solid performance, Vasquez gave the Twins a fighting chance to winand win the Twins did.

A big piece of the Twins win is owed to catcher Joe Mauer. Batting .418 this month, Mauer tacked on another three hits tonight and drove in what turned out to be the deciding run in the bottom of the seventh inning. Joe played a big part defensively as well, throwing out two runners on strike-out, throw-outs to end the third and fourth innings. Mauer is now second in the race for the American League batting title, behind Tiger Miguel Cabrera by only three points.

The Twins trailed the Yankees 3-1 until their dramatic comeback in the bottom of the seventh. Yankees starting pitcher Phil Hughes, still in the game, loaded the bases for the Twins. With the bases loaded, the Yankees replaced Phil Hughes with relief pitcher Boone Logana big mistake. Logan quickly threw a wild pitch, allowing Ryan Doumit to score from third. He then gave up the two-run, go-ahead double to Denard Span that put the Twins in the lead.

Ultimately, however, it was Joe Mauer who scored the game-deciding fifth run in the seventh inning. At the time it was an insurance runbut it was an insurance run that turned out to be needed, as Glen Perkins gave up a solo shot to pinch-hitter Andruw Jones in the bottom of the ninth that made the score 5-4.

With a win tomorrow, the Twins have a chance to not only win the series against the Yankees, but win the season series against them, as the two teams are currently tied at three wins a piece.

To that we can only say one thing: GO TWINS GO!


  • Joe Mauer: 3 for 4, 1 run, 1 RBI, 2 throw-out stike-out double plays from behind the plate.
  • Esmerling Vasquez: First Major League Quality Start.
  • Trevor Plouffe: 0 for 4.

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  • 1. Alex Rodriguez (67%)
  • 2. Nick Swisher (25%)
  • 3. Derek Jeter (3%) and Ichiro Suzuki (3%) (Really?)
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