Rejected or Cancelled MN Twins Promotional Items for 2013


  • Win a Date with Joe Mauer Essay Contest sponsored by Jostens One female fan

One lucky, wholesome, single female fan will win a chaperoned date with Joe. A nice evening of bowling followed by a meal at the Malt Shoppe. Joe’s mom, Teresa Mauer will choose the winner and provide the transportation in the family's sedan.

  • Ron Gardenhire Garden Hose Giveaway All fans

One foot of garden hose (No extension available) with 1 year guarantee

  • Drew Butera Bat/fan Giveaway

Creates a cool breeze when swung on summer day.



  • Terry Ryan Fishing Lure Giveaway

A hookless fishing lure with the Twins TC logo. Caution: Not for meant for catching big fish.

  • Ben Revere Bobble Head Giveaway sponsored by Allstate

Figurine of Ben Revere's RBI Triple. Head shakes back and forth.



  • Denard Span's Spam® Spam Giveaway sponsored by Hormel All fans (with a valid email address)

A slice of Spam with Denard’s face stamped on it is only the beginning of the fun.

  • Matt Capps Mad Libs Day All fans over 18 years old

A fun booklet of Mad Libs featuring Matt Capps. "Matt Capps is a _(adjective)_ _(noun)_ for the _(adjective)_ Twins. He can _(verb)_ in a _(adjective)_ _(place)_. "

  • Trevor Plouffe Li’l Fielder’s Set Giveaway Day Sponsored by PAM Cooking Spray

A child sized version of Trevor's Teflon coated baseball mitt and ball.

  • Mr. Potato Head Twins Pitcher Giveaway Day

Comes with completely interchangeable arms and an ERA of no less than 5.00.



  • Carl Pavano Bat Giveaway sponsored by Halo4

Signed replica dugout bat. Guaranteed not to break.

  • Celebrate MN Twins Playoffs Day Sept. 12 vs. NYY

A small replica AL Central Champions Pennant to honor Twins playoff appearances 2002-2010 (Warning: choking hazard)

  • Joe Mauer Tote Bag Giveaway

Picture of Joe Mauer on the other side



  • Kevin Slowey Book Giveaway sponsored by Linden Hills Co-op. First 10 fans

A free book (various titles) by an obscure author you’ve probably never heard of.

  • Ron Gardenhire Doghouse Playset Giveaway

Figures stay in Gardy's doghouse as long as you like. Trade 'em with your friends.



  • Jamey Carroll Lego Minifigure Giveaway

Completely indestructible



  • Torii Hunter Cut-off Jorts Giveaway Sponsored by Tobias Fünke, MD First 500 male fans

Comfortable for locker rooms and public showers.



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