Winterball Stats and Notes + three Prospect links

Pitchers and catchers are just weeks away (many weeks, but still weeks.) I don't know about you but I am getting excited. This offseason was both up and down to put it nicly and I don't think anyone will predict a division crown for the big league club. But in spring there is always hope and the minors should be mighty interesting to watch this year. Lets start with some links that anyone who likes the Twins should click on:
Fan graphs has a great write up on how Buxton is doing in instructs:

The same site has an even better write up on Chargois & Walker

Bleacher report has a fun 10 – 1 run down of the twins prospects with detailed reports of each guy.

It came out yesterday so it includes they new guys. (Sano, Buxton, Meyer, Hicks, Arcia, Gibson, Rosario, May, Berrios, Kepler) - Think about this 4 of the top 10 are pitchers & 4 out of the top 10 were not with the organization last year. Big changes from 12 months ago. Bleacher report is kind of a weird site but I like their list and seriously, read the write ups and get excited for the future.


We are in the closing weeks of Winter Ball so let take a quick snapshot of how the players in the organization are holding up. I will do a quick review of players winter performance and then you can look at the full stats and judge for yourself. Lets Start with the some of the players who played well in Dec:

Sano: He hasn’t played since Dec 21 but he had a good stretch Since Nov 27 he has hit .280 with a .985 OPS. Would like to see him not swing so much but that OPS looks pretty good to me

Everybody’s Fav Eddie Rosiario: This Leftie is simply killing it. .882 OPS .338 Ave . This guy is ready for the season to start NOW. I predict he is in AA by the end of the year.I would like him to beef up his walks/ stolen bases a bit but right now there is very little to complain about. If he can stick at 2B he is an All-Star waiting to happen

Danny Ortiz He turned 23 a few days ago and he is playing well. He has .331 BA and seems to be a singles machine. He only has 10 xBH so it would be nice to see him start hitting for some power soon. He is not so speedy so for a Corner Guy, need to see better power. But there is always room for a guy who controls the strike zone and gets his hits.

Chris Colabello 1.033 OPS in 205 AB. Sure, the Mex League is a hitters' league but still. That is impressive. Hope he can be at AAA next year and be in line for a cup of coffee if the Twins need a RH bat with power off the bench.

Samuel Deduno Its probably fool’s gold but I’ll take what he is throwing. He has 32 SO in 25 Innings with 14 BB and a 0.35 ERA. Has he figured it out? Will he be a savior for the Twins 2013 MLB staff? Probably not. But still what he is doing is at the very least notable to watch.

Angel Mata – He has not pitched since Dec 8 and he was not used much in Nov either. If I had to guess they shut him down for the year. But he had a decent year pitching only 13.2 innings out of the bullpen. He should be back as starter for Beliot next year

Dakota Watts – I think he is done pitching, but when he did he did great. 41 IP all out of relief – often going multiple innings. He might repeat AA next year but if there is a need for a bullpen arm in 2013, I fully expect him to get a look

Bruce Pugh 1.08 ERA pitching out of the Bullpen in only 16 innings. His last appearance was Dec 27, but he pitched well for about a month. This 25 Year Old right hander should be pitching in AA again next year out of the bullpen. This guy threw a no hitter in the low minors a few years ago but has regressed. He is supposed to have a decent fastball. He is another option for Bullpen depth in 2013 if everything goes right for him.

Other Notables:
Slama – 3.68 ERA with 25 hits, 22 SO in 22 IP. 6 saves, 10 walks. He has not been great but solid in a very pitcher friendly environment

Angel Morales is doing terrible. This guy…its too bad. He did so well in Rookie league. He held his own in 2010 in Beliot and Fort Meyers. But he got hurt in 2011, and did poor in 2012. In winterball he just can’t get it going. He is supposed to have a lot of talent but so far he is not putting it together. He is still 23 and probably will be at Fort Meyers again this year but time is ticking for him.

Arcia –He is done for the year but after a hot start he has cooled down a bit. He finished with 10 HR in 198 AB with a .791 OPS. Good. But not great. His 49 SO is a bit concerning. It looks like he went down there and just swung his balls off. I would like to see him work on his walks a bit more.

Dozier – Did you know his real first name is "James?" I didn’t. He had 24 AB in Nov and got 5 hits. Why did he even bother to go south?

Eduardo Escobar & Pedro Florimon one of these guys is probably going to be the starting SS for the major league team. Both are doing very badly at the plate. Escobar has a .217 BA and a .630 OPS and Florimon has a .260 BA and a .628 OPS. This bodes bad for the MLB team.

Deolis Guerra I know he was taken off the 40 man but he is another guy who gives me Bullpen hope for 2013 – 2014. Since Nov 21 he has pitched 16 innings and has 20 SO with only 3 BB.

Ryan Pressly's stats are interesting to look at considering he will probably make the team next year. Low walk rate but gave up a lot of hits in AFL

Full Stats below – includes leagues that are over, like the AFL Sorry for the formatting. But I suck at such things.

AFL = Arizona Fall league, ABL = Australian League, VWL = Venezuela league, PWL = Puerto Rico league DWL = Dominical League, LMP = Mexican League


Arcia, Oswaldo Leauge: VWL 198 At Bats, 0.258 Batting Average, 10 Home Runs, 37 RBI, 49 Strike outs, 15 Walks, 0.317 On Base %, 0.791 OPS.
Arias, Jhonatan Leauge: DWL 28 At Bats, 0.143 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 3 RBI, 10 Strike outs, 2 Walks, 0.2 On Base %, 0.343 OPS.
Beresford, James Leauge: ABL 18 At Bats, 0.278 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 1 RBI, 1 Strike outs, 1 Walks, 0.316 On Base %, 0.594 OPS.
Bigley, Evan Leauge: AFL 62 At Bats, 0.242 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 9 RBI, 16 Strike outs, 7 Walks, 0.319 On Base %, 0.69 OPS.
Boggs, Brandon Leauge: VWL 76 At Bats, 0.197 Batting Average, 1 Home Runs, 10 RBI, 22 Strike outs, 12 Walks, 0.307 On Base %, 0.57 OPS.
Butera, Drew Leauge: DWL 53 At Bats, 0.189 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 7 RBI, 19 Strike outs, 9 Walks, 0.328 On Base %, 0.573 OPS.
Colabello, Chris Leauge: LMP 205 At Bats, 0.332 Batting Average, 17 Home Runs, 44 RBI, 47 Strike outs, 23 Walks, 0.399 On Base %, 1.043 OPS.
Dozier, Brian Leauge: VWL 24 At Bats, 0.208 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 2 RBI, 4 Strike outs, 1 Walks, 0.24 On Base %, 0.448 OPS.
Escobar, Eduardo Leauge: VWL 129 At Bats, 0.217 Batting Average, 3 Home Runs, 22 RBI, 25 Strike outs, 13 Walks, 0.281 On Base %, 0.63 OPS.
Fernandez, Jorge Leauge: PWL 6 At Bats, 0.167 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 2 RBI, 3 Strike outs, 0 Walks, 0.167 On Base %, 0.333 OPS.
Florimon, Pedro Leauge: DWL 123 At Bats, 0.26 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 3 RBI, 30 Strike outs, 11 Walks, 0.336 On Base %, 0.628 OPS.
Herrmann, Chris Leauge: AFL 10 At Bats, 0.5 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 0 RBI, 1 Strike outs, 2 Walks, 0.583 On Base %, 1.183 OPS.
Hicks, Aaron Leauge: VWL 54 At Bats, 0.204 Batting Average, 1 Home Runs, 5 RBI, 17 Strike outs, 8 Walks, 0.306 On Base %, 0.603 OPS.
Mastroianni, Darin Leauge: VWL 86 At Bats, 0.256 Batting Average, 1 Home Runs, 6 RBI, 15 Strike outs, 18 Walks, 0.381 On Base %, 0.718 OPS.
Morales, Angel Leauge: PWL 34 At Bats, 0.176 Batting Average, 2 Home Runs, 3 RBI, 15 Strike outs, 2 Walks, 0.222 On Base %, 0.634 OPS.
Morales, Angel Leauge: 59 At Bats, 0.153 Batting Average, 2 Home Runs, 4 RBI, 26 Strike outs, 3 Walks, 0.219 On Base %, 0.507 OPS.
Olmedo, Ray Leauge: VWL 59 At Bats, 0.237 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 4 RBI, 14 Strike outs, 3 Walks, 0.274 On Base %, 0.562 OPS.
Ortiz, Daniel Leauge: PWL 133 At Bats, 0.331 Batting Average, 1 Home Runs, 19 RBI, 19 Strike outs, 10 Walks, 0.381 On Base %, 0.802 OPS.
Pinto, Josmil Leauge: VWL 29 At Bats, 0.172 Batting Average, 1 Home Runs, 3 RBI, 6 Strike outs, 3 Walks, 0.25 On Base %, 0.595 OPS.
Ramirez, Wilkin Leauge: DWL 47 At Bats, 0.213 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 4 RBI, 13 Strike outs, 5 Walks, 0.309 On Base %, 0.671 OPS.
Roberts, Nate Leauge: AFL 65 At Bats, 0.446 Batting Average, 3 Home Runs, 15 RBI, 7 Strike outs, 12 Walks, 0.565 On Base %, 1.226 OPS.
Rohlfing, Dan Leauge: AFL 18 At Bats, 0.333 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 5 RBI, 4 Strike outs, 3 Walks, 0.435 On Base %, 0.768 OPS.
Romero, Deibinson Leauge: DWL 11 At Bats, 0.273 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 4 RBI, 4 Strike outs, 1 Walks, 0.333 On Base %, 0.788 OPS.
Rosario, Eddie Leauge: PWL 133 At Bats, 0.338 Batting Average, 4 Home Runs, 20 RBI, 27 Strike outs, 11 Walks, 0.386 On Base %, 0.882 OPS.
Sano, Miguel Leauge: DWL 49 At Bats, 0.265 Batting Average, 4 Home Runs, 14 RBI, 17 Strike outs, 8 Walks, 0.373 On Base %, 0.944 OPS.
Vargas, Kennys Leauge: PWL 72 At Bats, 0.181 Batting Average, 3 Home Runs, 9 RBI, 21 Strike outs, 10 Walks, 0.28 On Base %, 0.614 OPS.
Wade, Logan Leauge: ABL 58 At Bats, 0.155 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 2 RBI, 13 Strike outs, 4 Walks, 0.21 On Base %, 0.382 OPS.
Williams, JaDamion Leauge: ABL 103 At Bats, 0.223 Batting Average, 0 Home Runs, 9 RBI, 33 Strike outs, 9 Walks, 0.302 On Base %, 0.574 OPS.

Atherton, Tim Leauge: ABL 32.1 Innings, 6 Games Started, 2.51 ERA, 1 Wins, 29 Strike Outs, 6 Walks, 0.217 Batting Ave Against,
Ciurcina, Cesar Leauge: VWL 3.1 Innings, 0 Games Started, 16.2 ERA, 0 Wins, 2 Strike Outs, 2 Walks, 0.267 Batting Ave Against,
Darnell, Logan Leauge: AFL 18.1 Innings, 2 Games Started, 2.45 ERA, 2 Wins, 17 Strike Outs, 5 Walks, 0.257 Batting Ave Against,
Deduno, Samuel Leauge: DWL 25.2 Innings, 5 Games Started, 0.35 ERA, 2 Wins, 32 Strike Outs, 14 Walks, 0.172 Batting Ave Against,
Fuentes, Nelvin Leauge: 14.2 Innings, 1 Games Started, 6.75 ERA, 2 Wins, 12 Strike Outs, 10 Walks, 0.352 Batting Ave Against,
Gibbons, Sam Leauge: ABL 32 Innings, 5 Games Started, 7.31 ERA, 2 Wins, 12 Strike Outs, 12 Walks, 0.326 Batting Ave Against,
Gibson, Kyle Leauge: AFL 23.1 Innings, 6 Games Started, 5.4 ERA, 3 Wins, 28 Strike Outs, 8 Walks, 0.326 Batting Ave Against,
Guerra, Deolis Leauge: VWL 26 Innings, 0 Games Started, 3.81 ERA, 3 Wins, 31 Strike Outs, 5 Walks, 0.255 Batting Ave Against,
Guyer, Josh Leauge: ABL 5.1 Innings, 0 Games Started, 0 ERA, 0 Wins, 3 Strike Outs, 2 Walks, 0.286 Batting Ave Against,
Herr, Tyler Leauge: ABL 12.1 Innings, 0 Games Started, 5.11 ERA, 3 Wins, 6 Strike Outs, 10 Walks, 0.229 Batting Ave Against,
Ibarra, Edgar Leauge: VWL 26 Innings, 7 Games Started, 8.65 ERA, 1 Wins, 22 Strike Outs, 16 Walks, 0.309 Batting Ave Against,
Landa, Yorman Leauge: VWL 3.2 Innings, 2 Games Started, 7.36 ERA, 0 Wins, 4 Strike Outs, 6 Walks, 0.25 Batting Ave Against,
Lane, Jason Leauge: DWL 3.2 Innings, 2 Games Started, 7.36 ERA, 0 Wins, 1 Strike Outs, 0 Walks, 0.5 Batting Ave Against,
Martis, Shairon Leauge: VWL 18 Innings, 5 Games Started, 7.5 ERA, 1 Wins, 13 Strike Outs, 3 Walks, 0.36 Batting Ave Against,
Mata, Angel Leauge: VWL 13.2 Innings, 0 Games Started, 1.32 ERA, 0 Wins, 16 Strike Outs, 7 Walks, 0.245 Batting Ave Against,
Montanez, Josue Leauge: PWL 19.2 Innings, 2 Games Started, 3.66 ERA, 0 Wins, 9 Strike Outs, 7 Walks, 0.209 Batting Ave Against,
Munoz, Miguel Leauge: VWL 2 Innings, 0 Games Started, 13.5 ERA, 0 Wins, 3 Strike Outs, 2 Walks, 0.4 Batting Ave Against,
Perdomo, Luis Leauge: DWL 19.1 Innings, 0 Games Started, 3.26 ERA, 2 Wins, 21 Strike Outs, 13 Walks, 0.246 Batting Ave Against,
Pressly, Ryan Leauge: AFL 14 Innings, 0 Games Started, 3.86 ERA, 0 Wins, 18 Strike Outs, 1 Walks, 0.3 Batting Ave Against,
Pugh, Bruce Leauge: VWL 16.2 Innings, 0 Games Started, 1.08 ERA, 3 Wins, 10 Strike Outs, 8 Walks, 0.2 Batting Ave Against,
Sanudo, Gonzalo Leauge: LMP 19.1 Innings, 0 Games Started, 6.52 ERA, 2 Wins, 9 Strike Outs, 10 Walks, 0.276 Batting Ave Against,
Slama, Anthony Leauge: LMP 22 Innings, 0 Games Started, 3.68 ERA, 0 Wins, 22 Strike Outs, 10 Walks, 0.291 Batting Ave Against,
Thielbar, Caleb Leauge: AFL 13 Innings, 0 Games Started, 11.08 ERA, 1 Wins, 12 Strike Outs, 8 Walks, 0.375 Batting Ave Against,
Tonkin, Michael Leauge: AFL 14.2 Innings, 0 Games Started, 2.45 ERA, 1 Wins, 7 Strike Outs, 3 Walks, 0.163 Batting Ave Against,
Vasquez, Virgil Leauge: ABL 61.2 Innings, 9 Games Started, 2.77 ERA, 4 Wins, 55 Strike Outs, 14 Walks, 0.235 Batting Ave Against,
Watts, Dakota Leauge: VWL 41 Innings, 0 Games Started, 1.98 ERA, 0 Wins, 24 Strike Outs, 19 Walks, 0.179 Batting Ave Against,

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