Thursday Morning Notes: Ex-Twins Performances in the Playoffs

Al Bello

Surprisingly enough no current Twins made the post-season, so let's check in on a few of our exes.

Nick Punto

You knew I was going to start with Punto, didn't you? Of course you did. Punto hasn't ever been much of a performer in the post-season, and in the one year where he did well at the plate (4-for-9, 3 BB in 2009) he made this crucial mistake:

Well that scene will look familiar if you saw LNP's gaff in Game Four of the NLCS.

Punto made just one defensive appearance in the NLDS against the Reds, but he's been getting plenty of time in the NLCS. The mistake didn't keep Don Mattingly from putting him out there last night, either. He's 2-for-6 in the series, including the double that preceded this pickoff play, and in the four times he's been out he's gone down on strikes.

I'm still not sure if this is laughable or if I feel bad for Punto. The guy tries so hard. And look at his face again when he's picked off third by A-Rod, he looks like he wants to cry. But hell, it's infuriating. Sorry, Dodgers fans

David Ortiz

Ortiz was mammoth in the ALCS against the Rays, posting a 1..479 OPS. That's insane, even in a small sample size. His results in the playoffs have varied over the years, but we remember him for his performances in the championship years of '04 and '07. Oddly enough, outside of those two years and this season's ALDS, he hasn't been the October Legend that broadcasters make him out to be.

Oh, but he has done this.

Poor Torii! Speaking of Spider-Man...

Torii Hunter

This is the first time in his career that Hunter hasn't really performed at all in the post-season. He had a good ALDS but a disappointing ALCS in 2002. In 2003 and 2004 he was one of the only Twins to hit against the Yankees. In 2006 he had a pair of extra-base hits which, okay, didn't exactly make up for giving up an inside-the-park home run. And he was good for the Angels in 2008 and 2009.

It hasn't happened yet this season, but he has at least two games to turn that around. Jim Leyland put him in the leadoff spot in Game Four, so he'll get plenty of opportunities.

Craig Breslow

This is the first time in Breslow's eight-year career that he's made it to the post-season. He was killer in three games in the ALDS, but he's walked four in 1.2 innings in the ALCS so far. The good news (if you're a Breslow/Boston fan): he hasn't allowed a run yet!

Delmon Young

There isn't much to say about Delmon's performance in the playoffs this season. He was 1-for-3 with a homer in the wild card game, but was just 2-for-8 in the ALDS. Fun fact. Delmon has now played in the post-season every year since 2009. Hahaha LIFE.

Notice how that was a first-pitch swing? So was this one.

Good times. Same 'ol Delmon.

Garrett Jones

Jonsey was 0-for-2 with a strikeout.

Justin Morneau

Justin was 6-for-20 in the NLDS and he scored four runs, but he didn't drive one in. That's what the Pirates brought him in to do.

Grant Balfour

Balfour made three scoreless appearances for the A's in the ALDS, but his highlight might be the only one to top Punto's. And maybe Ortiz's. I don't care who said what first, they both acted like a couple of 17-year olds hopped up on mini-roids as they try to pump up for football season.

Francisco Liriano

Liriano was as good as the Pirates could have expected him to be. He led them to a win in the wild card game by striking out five and allowing one run in seven innings, and he gave Pittsburgh a fighting chance by allowing two runs in six innings in the ALCS. Somebody is going to give Liriano some nice money this season.

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