Taylor Swift v. Luke in MN

She is young, rich, and famous. I am less young, less rich, and less famous, but have a more stable personal life and a less annoying tendency of singing about it. It's a close battle.

The only way to break the tie is this: Which wins? A team of MLB players older than Luke in MN or a team of players younger than Taylor Swift?

I am 34.5. T-Swizzle is 23.

This is my team:

Position Player Bday WAR
C A.J. Pierzynski 12/30/1976 2.3
1B Paul Konerko 3/5/1976 2.4
2B Mark Ellis 6/6/1977 1.4
SS Derek Jeter 6/26/1974 2.0
3B Aramis Ramirez 6/25/1978 3.6
LF Alfonso Soriano 1/7/1976 1.9
CF Andres Torres 1/26/1978 1.7
RF Torii Hunter 7/18/1975 2.8
DH David Ortiz 11/18/1975 3.1
IF Rafael Furcal 10/24/1977 1.5
IF Clint Barmes 3/6/1979 1.5
C Miguel Olivo 7/15/1978 1.6
OF Carlos Beltran 4/24/1977 2.2
SP Cliff Lee 8/30/1978 5.7
SP Roy Halladay 5/14/1977 4.5
SP Kyle Lohse 10/4/1978 3.1
SP Tim Hudson 7/14/1975 2.5
SP Ryan Vogelsong 2/10/1975 2.5
CL J.J. Putz 2/22/1977 1.0
SETUP Octavio Dotel 11/25/1973 0.8
SETUP-L Matt Thornton 9/15/1976 0.6
RP Grant Balfour 12/30/1977 0.7
RP Jason Grilli 11/11/1976 0.8
RP-L Darren Oliver 10/6/1970 0.4
Long R.A. Dickey* (SP) 10/29/1974 2.4

I used ZIPS WAR projections for 2013. Because I am just that old, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Adrian Beltre all just missed the age cutoff. Still, it's a pretty strong team, especially the pitching.

Here is Tay's team:

Position Player Bday WAR
C Salvador Perez 5/10/1990 3.3
1B Manny Machado* (3b) 7/6/1992 2.7
2B Henry Rodriguez 2/9/1990 1.2
SS Jurickson Profar 2/20/1993 3.7
3B Starlin Castro* (SS) 3/24/1990 3.9
LF Bryce Harper 10/16/1992 4.7
CF Mike Trout 8/7/1991 7.4
RF Anthony Gose 8/10/1990 2.2
DH Brett Lawrie* (3b) 1/18/1990 4.5
IF Jean Segura 3/1/1990 2.4
IF Jose Altuve 5/6/1990 2.4
C Gary Sanchez 12/2/1992 1.7
OF Rafael Ortega 5/15/1991 1.3
SP Shelby Miller 10/10/1990 2
SP Jordon Lyles 10/19/1990 1.6
SP Erasmo Ramirez 5/2/1990 1.6
SP Joe Wieland 12/1/1990 1.5
SP Trevor Rosenthal 5/29/1990 1.4
CL Kelvin Herrera 12/31/1989 0.7
SETUP Dylan Bundy* (SP) 11/15/1992 0.6
SETUP-L Paco Rodriguez 4/16/1991 0.3
RP Henderson Alvarez* (S) 4/18/1990 0.5
RP Carter Capps 8/7/1990 0.1
RP-L Martin Perez* (SP) 4/4/1991 0.4
Long Trevor Bauer* (SP) 1/17/1991 1.2

These guys really are kids. Giancarlo Stanton, Jason Heyward, Jesus Montero, Eric Hosmer? Too old. Elvis Andrus, Stephen Strasburg, Mike Moustakas, Chris Sale? Way too old.

I have to hand it to Taylor, it's still a good team. Brett Lawrie and Manny Machado are going to be a bit wasted at DH and 1B and the pitching is not stellar, but the position players are stunning.

So, who gets the win Twinkie Town?

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