Fangraphs Top-15 Twins Prospects

Marc Hulet of Fangraphs released his Top-15 list for the Twins yesterday. Overall, there weren't any major surprises with the list, but there are a couple of talking points.

Miguel Sano vs. Byron Buxton for #1

Hulet picked Buxton as his #1 Twins prospect, which in and of itself isn't a major shock, but as part of a larger trend it seems significant.

I haven't been closely following prospect rankings prior to this season, so I'm not sure if there is such thing as momentum with regard to the rankings. However, there seems to be some significant upward trending with Buxton recently. One month ago, I would have concluded strongly that Sano was the top Twins prospect - almost without debate - and there is a significant gap between Sano and Buxton. I don't think I'm alone in that opinion, as our community voting reflects that as well, with Sano winning with 66% of the vote. However, three events in the recent weeks have changed my opinion:

  1. February 19: Baseball America ranked Sano and Buxton back-to-back in their Top 100 list, indicating that in their opinion there is essential no gap between them.
  2. February 25: Baseball Prospectus ranked Buxton #8 and Sano #21 in their Top 100 list, which is the first major publication I've seen to significantly favor Buxton over Sano.
  3. March 4: Fangraphs ranked Buxton ahead of Sano. It will be interesting to see how far they are separated in a Top 100 context, as Fangraph's list has not been released yet.
Now it is entirely possible that these three data points are completely random and meaningless; however, I definitely find myself re-evaluating both Buxton and Sano - more excitement for Buxton but more worry for Sano - based on these recent rankings.

Jorge Polanco Sighting!

Polanco shows up at #9 on Hulet's list, which is the first appearance by a (non-Rosario) Twins middle-infield prospect in a top-10 list since the Meyer and May acquisitions. Given the relative dearth of successful middle-infielders developed from the Twins farm system during the past decade, I can't help but get irrationally hopeful each time I read positive reports from a national prospect expert (as opposed to local-media fluff pieces), even if the prospect in question is only 18 and hasn't played a game above rookie-ball. Danny Santana shows up on the list at #14, so hopefully between Polanco, Santana, Rosario and Niko Goodrum, at least one of them will develop into a bona-fide middle-infielder for the Twins.

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