MLB Already Wants YOUR 2013 All-Star Selection!



The MLB would like your 2013 All-Star ballots starting yesterday (April 24). I swear this gets earlier and earlier each year.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to put Wilkin Ramirez on MY ballot!

I honestly have yet to figure out WHY they think balloting this early is a good thing. Or why they don't just start at the beginning of the season! (It's just as arbitrary as starting 3 weeks in when so few players have meaningful stats [not that it matters since most players are selected based upon popularity and not skill])

For that matter, let's just start balloting as soon as Spring Training starts! Don't know who's going to be on the roster? Ahh, don't worry about it! It's the same 50 guys regardless. (Jeter, despite being injured and unable to return until AFTER the All-Star break has already locked up his position, as well as Teixeira and Zack Greinke (mostly for being kind of a bad-ass and taking that hit). A-Rod was actually written OUT of the ballot by NYY fans who are fed up with his albatross contract and constant injuries. Apparently they figure if the guy is going to be on steroids, he should have recovered by now.

Despite being a rookie phenom, Matt Harvey was mysteriously left off the ballot while Johan Santana is there. Mets fans didn't even blink an eye.

A notable addition to this year's All-Star ballot is Brendan "How the Fudge Did He Get Back" Harris. Twins fans will be surprised to see their former semi-power hitting, often slap ball whacking, always girly throwing (HE knows what I mean by this) utility infielder back on the ballot. If you think it's 2009 again, you're not alone. He made the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim by way of Disney Land through Cinderella's Castle under Witch Mountain as a non-roster invitee! (Wow how those Angels have fallen from grace).

Anyway, that's enough random babbling from me. Get your All-Star ballots submitted... constantly... because numbers don't matter.

As for me, I'm already working on who I'm going to choose for my 2014 All-Star selection which I plan to start voting as soon as 2013's All-Star game concludes! I'm pretty sure Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton will be available on that ballot, right?

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