Fast Reaction: Red Sox 3, Twins 2 (10)

Pete Florimon, Professional Hitter (miss u kubes) - Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Twins offense quiet as Boston does just enough in 10 innings to win.

Both the Twins and Red Sox had their opponent's starting pitchers on the ropes all night, but neither were able to break the game open. Once it went to the bullpens, Minnesota's blinked first, losing the lead in the 7th and the game in the 10th as Boston sent Minnesota to their third loss in a row, 3-2.

Vance Worley was seemingly in trouble every inning, but the only damage done in six innings and 98 pitches was a 2-out RBI single by David Ortiz in the top of the first. Worley's cause was helped tremendously by three double plays, and he exited after six inning with a chance at the win. Brian Deunsing's inability to get righties out put an end to that as he gave up the tying run in the seventh.

Meanwhile, Clay Buchholz and his weird, gel-caked vibe dominated the Twins in the first two innings, striking out 5 in a row. In the top of the third, though, he surrendered a solid double to Trevor Plouffe, then allowed Pedro Florimon to hook one right down the right field line and over the fence for Florimon's second dinger of the year and give the Twins a 2-1 lead.

While Worley skated in and out of jams, the Twins failed to put Buchholz away despite quality rallies in the 5th and 6th innings. This included a bases loaded, one-out situation in the 5th that saw Josh Willingham strike out and Justin Morneau pop up to end the threat.

And that was the extent of the action until the 10th, when the Red Sox loaded the bases on losing pitcher Josh Roenicke. A Jonny Gomes sac fly gave Boston the lead, and that was that.


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  • Glen Perkins in the 9th inning of a tie game was nice to see. #highleverage Jared Burton was good again, too.
  • And Florimon's unexpected dinger. #dingers

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Enjoy your weekend, everybody.
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