Twins vs Brewers: News and Notes

Mike McGinnis

I can't remember another home-and-home four-game series; here's a look at the final two games, this time at Target Field.

Probables (both games 7:10pm, FSN)

Brewers Notes

  • Brewers Season Summary: They just lost two in a row to Minnesota, and are the worst team in the National League that isn't in Miami. So it's going good over in Milwaukee.
  • The Brewers have three guys - Jean Segura, Carlos Gomez, and Ryan Braun - in the top ten in the National League in OPS, which makes it almost impressive that somehow they are ninth in the NL in runs scored. Segura, Gomez, and Braun put together have a .960 OPS. The rest of the team? .607. Basically the Brewers have three Joe Mauers and then 10 Chris Parmelees.
  • All of that might be fine - after all, the Twins have one Joe Mauer and 12 Chris Parmelees - but Milwaukee also has the worst pitching staff in the National League. Their starters have an ERA of 5.33, which translated to an American League scale is 45.78*. (*Note: math not entirely verified.)

Twins Notes

  • Twins Season Summary: They just beat Milwaukee two in a row, but even so, they're the worst team in the American League that isn't in Houston. So it's going good here in Minnesota.
  • Trevor Plouffe is coming back, having passed his concussion tests, but Wilkin Ramirez - who claimed not to know the months of the year in any language - still is a little concussed, according to La Velle.
  • Also according to La Velle, Liam Hendriks is still hurt, which is really putting a damper on the rest of his season, in which he will destroy Triple-A but somehow be unable to translate that to the majors.
  • Side note: Is Vance Worley the American Liam Hendriks, or is Liam Hendriks the Autstralian Vance Worley?
  • While looking up Milwaukee's ERA as a starting staff (see above), I discovered that the Twins are the worst in baseball, with a 5.76 ERA from their starting pitchers. Twins starters have also thrown the fewest innings in baseball. All of them stink, is what I'm getting at here.
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