Minnesota Twins Minor Leagues: Elizabethton Roster Review

The Twins "High Level" Rookie League Season starts today! This is the 3rd lowest level for the Twins Minor leagues and is often the starting point of many of the college draftees. So as we can expect, a lot of this roster is going to be 2013 draft picks. Kohl Stewart will not be one of the guys.. As we know they had crash on the way up from Florida. Best wishes to all involved.

In years past the E-Town Twins have been home to players like Sano, Rosario, then Buxton last year. If you remember, last year they won the championship on Dalton Hicks's walk off grand slam. The E-Town Twins are the Yankees of the Appalachian League expectations are always high. As we look forward to another dominating year, Lets get started looking at the hitters:

Catchers Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB
Bo Altobelli C R R 6' 1" 199 2/6/1991
Mitch Garver C R R 6' 1" 210 1/15/1991
Bryan Santy C R R 6' 1" 201 6/28/1990
Stuart Turner C R R 6' 2" 220 12/27/1991

IF Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB
Carlos Avila SS R R 5' 10" 180 3/28/1990
Bryan Haar 1B R R 6' 3" 200 12/9/1989
Javier Pimentel 3B R R 6' 2" 175 3/13/1994
Rory Rhodes 1B R R 6' 9" 220 7/28/1991
Tanner Vavra 2B R R 5' 11" 180 7/6/1989
Logan Wade 2B S R 6' 1" 190 11/13/1991
Ryan Walker SS L R 6' 1" 170 3/26/1992

OF Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB
Zach Granite OF L L 6' 1" 175 9/17/1992
Romy Jimenez LF R R 6' 2" 170 5/14/1991
Kelvin Ortiz RF R R 5' 11" 178 10/19/1991
Jake Proctor OF R R 6' 2" 215 12/15/1990
Dereck Rodriguez OF R R 6' 1" 180 6/5/1992

This is not a standout group of prospects. This group has an average age of 22 years old. That seems old for this league. Stuart Turner is the one to look for every day. The 2013 draft pick should be finishing his season at Cedar Rapids if all goes as planed for this kid. Tanner Vavra is an interesting story, being blind in one eye but putting up great numbers in DI baseball. Dereck Rodriguez is son of Ivan. Bu he hasn't done much to rise in prospect ratings.

So all-in-all I am not too pumped up about these group of hitters. Lots of 2013 draft picks so we don't know much about these guys. Most of these guys are getting their first taste at Pro Ball so expect to see some early struggles so i will be fun to see who rises, and who struggles.

Now moving on to the pitchers:

Name Pos Bat Thw Ht Wt DOB
Brandon Bixler P R L 5' 11" 170 12/31/1991
Josh Burris P S R 5' 10" 183 11/28/1991
Andrew Ferreira P R L 6' 2" 200 10/22/1990
Dallas Gallant P R R 6' 3" 193 1/25/1989
Brian Gilbert P R R 6' 1" 215 8/9/1992
Carson Goldsmith P R R 6' 3" 200 7/25/1990
C.K. Irby P R R 6' 1" 200 5/6/1992
Felix Jorge P R R 6' 2" 170 1/2/1994
Yorman Landa P R R 6' 0" 175 6/11/1994
Kuo Hua Lo P R R 5' 10" 195 10/28/1992
Austin Malinowski P R L 6' 4" 210 11/30/1992
Andre Martinez P L L 6' 0" 185 6/22/1993
Tanner Mendonca P R R 6' 4" 215 6/18/1992
Ethan Mildren P R R 6' 4" 215 6/4/1991
Luis Nunez P L L 5' 11" 160 9/26/1991
Brandon Peterson P R R 6' 1" 190 9/23/1991
Hein Robb P L L 6' 0" 185 5/12/1992
Randy Rosario P L L 6' 0" 160 5/18/1994
Tim Shibuya P R R 6' 1" 190 9/14/1989

This is a super exciting group. I feel confident in saying the future of the Twins organization is somewhere here. Felix Jorge, Yorman Landa, and Randy Rosario are exciting young pitchers who need to pitch innings. Rosario is an extreme ground ball pitcher. (Sure its only 70 innings, butt still!) Yorman Landa has control issues that he needs to improve upon. I don't know alot of about Jorge, but his stats are quite nice. These kids are still 19 years old and could have a big impact on this team. I hope they get a chance to start and improve. They are two years younger than the average age of the league.

Other pitchers are Autsin Mallinowski a 16 round draft pick from High School in MN who pitched well last year in the GCL. Kuo Hua Lo out of Taiwan who could be really good. Scouts like C.K. Irby a 2013 draft pick and I think we will see Ryan Eades soon make his debut here too. Burris and Robb both pitched at Cedar Rapids this year but are back down with E-town. Andre Martinez did not pitch well last year for the GCL, but he got promoted. I am a little surprised to see that so I suspect he had a good extended spring training.

So the strength of this team will be its pitching staff. But remember, this is rookie ball, the stadium's dimensions are not too big and the level of competition is probably below Div 1 college ball. So we can expect to see the older more advanced players do well and the younger guys struggle.

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