Twinkietown Unofficial Draft Thread



Since I haven't seen a thread yet for the draft tonight like we had here last year I've decided to take it upon myself to create a thread.

Last year the Twins selected Byron Buxton with the second overall pick. Now he is considered by Keith Law and Baseball America to be one of the best prospects in all of baseball. The Twins select 4th overall tonight, who will they select? The buzz for the past several weeks has the Twins picking Texas high school righty Kohl Stewart, who has the potential to be a future ace with a big fastball and a sharp breaking ball. But like all high school picks he is considered a work in progress. Recently, there are some rumors that have Houston taking Colin Moran, 3B North Carolina, 1st overall, and as recently as today the 'Stros have been linked to Stewart. Will they or the Rockies who have also been rumored to "draft down" not take one of the "Big Three," leaving one or more of Appel, Gray, or Bryant to fall to the Twins?

We shall see, the draft begins at 6pm CT, and like last year can be seen on the MLB Network and is also streaming on The first two rounds will be covered today, so we can also see who the Twins pick at #43. So Twinkietown, discuss with thyselves about the draft! Who would you like to see the Twins take? What do you think will happen. Watch, react, and talk!

UPDATE: Twins select Kohl Stewart 4th overall; BA #5

UPDATE: Twins select Ryan Eades, RHP, LSU 43rd overall; BA #37

DAY TWO: Rounds 3-10

3-78: Stuart Turner, C, Ole Miss; BA #110

4-110: Stephen Gonsalves, LHP, CA High School; BA #107

5-140: Aaron Slegers, RHP, U of Indiana; BA #220

6-170: Brian Navarreto, C, FL High School; BA #185

7-200: Brian Gilbert, RHP, Seton Hall; BA #495

8-230: Dustin DeMuth, 3B, U of Indiana; BA #278

9-260: Mitchell Garver, C, U of New Mexico; BA #234

10-290: Charles (C.K.) Irby, RHP, Samford U; BA #237

DAY THREE: Rounds 11-40

11-320: Nelson Molina, SS, PR High School: BA #442

12-350: Ethan Mildren, RHP, University of Pittsburgh: BA #375

13-380: Brandon Peterson, RHP, Wichita State: BA #238

14-410: Zack Granit, CF, Seton Hall: Not Ranked

15-440: Derrick Penilla, LHP, CA Junior College: BA #414

16-470: Brandon Bixler, LHP, FGCU; Not Ranked

17-500: Tanner Mendonca, RHP, Sacramento State; Not ranked

18-530: Ryan Walker, SS, Texas-Arlington; Not ranked

19-560: Jared Wilson, RHP, UC Santa Barbara; BA #455

20-590: Jason Kanzler, CF, U of Buffalo; Not ranked

21-620: Tyler Stirewalt, RHP, Fresno State, Not Ranked

22-650: Alex Swim, C, Elon: NR

23-680: Zach Hayden, RHP, South Carolina-Aiken; NR

24-710: Brandon Easton, 1B/LHP, OH Junior College; Not Listed

25-740: Chad Christenson, OF, Nebraska; NR

26-770: Ryan Halstead, RHP, Indiana; NR

27-800: Taylor Blatch, RHP, FL High School: NR

28-830: Chris Erwin, LHP, GA High School; Not Listed

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