Which Minnesota Twins are you?

They're baaaack!

No, I don't mean the Minnesota Twins who have started reporting for Spring Training (although that is fantastic, isn't it?)

I mean those quizzes that everybody and their brother, mother, sister, aunt, best friend's dog, co-worker's stepson, father's brother's nephew's former roommate are all taking and posting the results of these stupid things on Facebook, Twitter and whatever other social media outlets still exist.

If, like me, you've seen the most recent billion of these things (usually from Zimbio), you wonder just why people take these things only to find yourself wasting the next 3 hours seeing what kind of idiotic result you get because you have no interest in watching cross-country skiing on the Olympics and hockey is off during it and baseball hasn't started yet and the weather outside is either -30 or 8 feet of snow, so what else do you really have to do, anyway?

While pondering all of this, I have been thinking that it would be interesting to see a "Which Minnesota Twins Are You?" quiz.

If you think it might be an interesting venture as well, comment on which Twins you think the results should be and possibly short descriptions of the characteristics in the type of player.

Joe Mauer - You're incredibly nice. You like milk, a lot, but not Skim Milk because that tastes like chalky water.

Kent Hrbek - You enjoy fishing and buffalo wings, but not necessarily in that order.

They can be current or former Twins... (preferably Twins who have honestly made an impact) but all suggestions are welcome.

I would also like to nominate 2 Twinkie Town members who are not me to collaborate on this if they are willing.

Flip27 and Myjah would be great for this as they are both very knowledgeable of the Twins but also have a sense of humor where they could take the creation of the quiz seriously enough to make it worthwhile, but also inject enough wit and humor to make it entertaining.

Yes, this is all a plot to do something stupid and waste a bunch of people's time. But, as I stated before, we don't have a lot else going on right now. (Ok, I don't have a lot going on right now, but I'm also too lazy to write the quiz).

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