Wednesday Morning Links: Revere, Scooters, Manny, Entertainment, and More

"Ben Revere hit a home run. Your argument is invalid." - Jim McIsaac

Ben Revere hit a home run. Your argument is invalid.

Last night's walk-off win over the Rangers was pretty crazy (Nunez not being called out of the baseline while avoiding Adrian Beltre's tag, then Joakim Soria fumbling Danny Santana's weak grounder to allow the winning run to score) but that's still not the craziest thing that happened last night. No, that goes to Ben Revere, who took 1,466 at-bats to hit his first major league home run. It was an over-the-fence one, too! I've seen him hit them in batting practice when he was still a Twin, though as you might expect, they were also few and far between. Here's visual evidence for the doubting Thomases.

  • The Giants' Hunter Pence loves to go around town on a motorized scooter, and unfortunately for him it was stolen while it was parked outside a restaurant. Pence is offering an autographed bobblehead in exchange for his scooter. Money quote though: "I can't fathom driving."
  • Manny Ramirez is now a player-coach in the Cubs minor league system. He was signed because the organization felt he would be a good mentor for the younger players, which is one of the odder things I've heard lately.
  • Yasiel Puig draws a ton of criticism for his play, but he says something that I wish more ballplayers and fans would acknowledge: "This is a game of entertainment." Never mind that some guys feel the need to police the game. By the way, that really doesn't happen in other sports, does it.
  • Ichiro Suzuki hopes he gets a chance to pitch in a major league game and Yankees manager Joe Girardi isn't opposed to the idea. Make it happen, Joe!

The Lightning Round returns!... mainly because I actually collected some stuff this week.

  1. Hank Conger with one of the best slides you'll ever see to avoid a tag.
  2. This boy gets a game ball, then tricks a nearby female by giving her a different ball instead.
  3. This Kansas City Royals picture is provided without context.
  4. I may not be able to top 60 MPH, but at least I can throw better than 50 Cent.
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