The Twins very quietly crossed the 81-game mark last night. How are your year-end predictions holding up?

Greg Fiume

Last night's game marked the exact mid-point of the season for your Minnesota Twins with a record of 37-44.

This is the, statistically speaking, best time to look at all the records of a team because you essentially double everything to come up with a projection for year-end stats and records. Most of the sample sizes are large enough to extrapolate meaningfully; you've seen how the players are handling themselves and can tell if a player is going to be better, worse or approximately the same for the remainder of the season.

But this post isn't about that. This post is to check and see how your predictions at the beginning of the year regarding the season are holding up!

With a 37-44 record, if the second half continues exactly the same as the first, we figure the Twins to end up with a 74-88 season. Provided this holds true, that is a marked difference over the past 3 seasons.

This is how you guys stacked up with your predictions.

My own prediction was 73-89... so far, I'm near spot on.

domesticllama and Twins33 had 76 wins.

clutterheart, DJL44 and amiller52 had 70-92.

less cowbell, more 'neau chose 90-73 with game 163 facing the Royals (I still hope he's right).

Flip27, Brananorama, Neil 34 and gbg all had 75-87 which is pretty close to current projection.

Theo77 surprisingly picked 82-20 with approximately 60 cancelled games. The Twins have been reluctant to cancel games and have also been reluctant to win enough. Sorry, Theo.

Vikingsfanforlife chose a minimum 70 games with a lot of 1-run games where the Twins had hard times scoring. He wasn't entirely wrong, but the scoring has been more prevalent than we all expected, just for different reasons.

Boot has 63-99.

Oompa Loompa chimed in with 62-100.

holsteinhill with 71-91.

JRod14 chose 80-82 (I'm still hoping for about this).

bean5302 was very specific in how the team would shape up, but chose the record 68-94 along with Mulholland Reborn and draalderks.

Luke in MN is so far the spot on winner with 74 wins.

montanatwinsfan thought it would be 71.

That'sWhatSheSaid comes in with 77-85.

darren004 decided 64-98 was the number to beat.

Followed by RossWB, markos, rw_mlite2 and Vikings Latitude at 65-97.

Natchilet Catchaitorry (or however that's spelled) brazenly chose 162-0 or bust... Well, then...

Dave T figured a 50/50 season was not out of the realm of possibility. It's still not, but will take some might fine playing.

Caleb A has 78-84.

archie2227 figured they just wouldn't be able to shake that 90-loss season and have 72-90.

whiskeyplz with 85-77.

SooFoo and rgeen16 with 76-86.

TawnyFroggy at 66-96.

wild...boots2asses couldn't pin down a specific number but figured between 65 and 68 wins.

And timprov came in with the extremely pessimistic 46-115.

South Side Sox figured us right at 70-92.

Vegas gave us 70.5.

Most of us seem to be in the same general area and the Twins seem to be there with us.

Obviously, a lot can happen in the next 3 months. The Twins have been riding a lot of hot bats this year and guys stepping up at different times to keep the Twins afloat of an improved record.

What do you think so far? Any changes in predictions?

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