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NL Breaks Streak, Beats AL 3-1


Brian McCann was the hero, driving in all three runs for the senior league.

Nick Blackburn Loses Margin for Error


Great look at Blackburn's current struggles on the mound.

The Onion: Unwritten Rules of Baseball


Baseball is a sport rich in tradition, and many of its most sacred rules and practices are passed from player to player. Onion Sports lists the most revered of baseball's unwritten rules: * Never go underneath the catcher's legs when entering the batter's box * A manager should be detached from the players and never once talk to or acknowledge them during the regular season * When a ball is hit directly up into the sky, it is customary to locate yourself beneath the downward trajectory of the ball and attempt to have it land in your glove * Speaking about a perfect game or no-hitter in progress is strictly forbidden; instead, gesture wildly at the scoreboard so your pitcher knows what's at stake * Many find it surprising, but there is no rule stating you have to wear a helmet while batting—baseball players are just superstitious * Secret of the infield fly rule must be kept from outsiders * It's bad luck to speak with a pitcher who is in the middle of his windup * If a batter hits a home run, the pitcher is allowed to pelt him with baseballs for the rest of his life * In a bench-clearing brawl, do not punch the batboy unless you are an opposing batboy or down more than 10 runs

A Midseason Look at Projections vs Reality


The Twins are 46-42 at the All Star Break. How does the actual first half performance compare to WAR projections prior to the season?

Home Run Derby Open Thread


Open thread for Twins fans to discuss the Home Run Derby.

Off-Speed Pitches Account for Jesse Crain's Success


"If Crain didn't prove to be a useful reliever in 2010, the Twins would need to pull the plug. The pieces were in place for a World Series run, and the team simply doesn't have time to invest in developmental projects. Judging from his results so far this season, Crain apparently got the message."

Mauer to bat seventh in All-Star Game


Via Twitter from Jon Morosi, Mauer will bat seventh for the American League.


Mustaches = Twins Success

With the All-Star Break upon us, and the Twins tripping all over themselves going into the break (Seriously, Punto, pick up your feet when you run), I think its time to relax, crack a beer, and...

All-Star Monday Breakfast and Baseball: Futures Game, Mauer's shoulder, and more


It's your Twins Monday news roundup for July 12, including a recap of Twins in the Futures Game, plus other news.

Twins Starting Pitching: Where Hoping for Regression Is a Good Thing


A quick comparison of ERAs for three of the Twins starters.

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