Breakfast & Baseball

Early morning Twins notes.

Sat. Notebook: Bad Week For Umps & Pitcher Safety


Today's Notebook looks at the claim that 90% of pitchers are doctoring baseballs, the bad week that umpires had in avoiding the spotlight, Brandon McCarthy's response to people wishing for pitchers...

Sat. Notebook: Cheating, Complicated Stats, & More


Today's Saturday Notebook looks at a Florida sports reporter's near miss with a batted ball (and why I think her photo's fake), Clay Buchholz being accused of cheating, how complicated mainstream...

Sat. Notebook: Abusing Waivers, Blackouts, & More


Today's Saturday Notebook takes a look at Desmond Jennings' 8-unassisted double play, the Blue Jays abusing the waiver wire and if it's negatively impacting the game, the Twins revealing a little...

B&B: Stealing 1st, Granting Wishes & More


Today's B&B post looks at if players should play through the pain, who made the 5 millionth appearance in major league history, a player's life after being DFA'd, Jean Segura finding a way to swipe...

Tuesday Morning Twins Links


Oswaldo Arcia's takeaways from his cup of coffee, Justin Morneau's movie cameo, Jared Burton's moment with Eddie Vedder, bullpen carts, and more.

B&B: Lew Ford Advice, Pronunciation Guide, & More


Today's B&B post has my opinions on the $15 batting practice plan, animated GIFs from around baseball, Lew Ford giving advice to a Twinkie Town author, the Marlins successfully alienating their...

B&B: April Fool's Prank, Worst of the Best & More


Today's B&B post looks at Brian Dozier experimenting with yet another batting stance, A.J. Burnett possibly being pranked on April Fool's Day, Josh Reddick taking the reins from Brian Wilson in...

B&B: Rebuilding, Discount Marlins Tix, New WAR


Today's B&B post looks at the Phillies using seven-year old scouting reports to sign Delmon Young, the Nationals' turnaround from worst to first in the NL East in just 3 years, the Marlins already...

B&B: Lawsuits & Fans, Why We Love Baseball, & More


Today's B&B post talks about Miguel Sano and Pelotero II, the Marlins suing season ticket holders for not upholding their 2-year commitment, Coco Crisp discussing the art of basestealing, and a...

B&B: Worley Q&A, Latest Injuries, & Vin Scully


Today, I talk about a Q&A that Vance Worley did with FanGraphs about pitching and his repertoire, Mike Pelfrey losing weight despite keeping Dairy Queen in his diet, a look at some humorous &...

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