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Crede Signs With Twins; Cruz In the Works?

For the first time all winter, the Twins have something big to talk about! Rumors are flying about a sign-and-trade with the Diamondbacks for bullpen arm Juan Cruz, while on the offensive side of the ball the team has landed a big fish in Joe Crede.


Crede Signs

Hey guys, I've been a long time stalker of this website, just never contributed.  But I enjoy the stories, comments, and discussion you guys have here....alot of intelligent baseball fans!  A...

LEN3 - Crede deal could be announced tomorrow; Twins make play for Cruz

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Joe Crede has agreed to a deal with the Twins. I’ve been told by a good source that the deal could be done as soon as today. Either way, you might want to start to ordering No. 24 Twins jerseys. Expect Crede to sign for less than the $7 million base that has been reported in recent weeks. It will be interesting to see which Twin is affected the most by his arrival - but Twins manager Ron Gardenhire surprisingly spoke on Friday about carrying 11 pitchers on Opening Day. That would allow space for Crede without sending someone like Brian Buscher down.

Episode 28 in our ongoing report on Twins medical staff: Jose Morales

How in the world did the Twins' medical staff miss this? The guy had a completely torn ligament for 18 months and they prescribed rest and rehab? It's not like the injury happened in the minors. Everyone who saw it (I witnessed it on TV) knew it was serious. But the medical staff shrugged it off. Meanwhile, the kid loses two years of his career. How many times do we have to see them prescribe "rest and rehab" over surgery before we hold them accountable?

Koskie finally better, working out with Twins

Corey Koskie has resumed conditioning - he worked out with the Gophers this spring, and is now down in Fort Myers at the Twins' minor league complex, doing drills and taking BP. He's hoping to catch on with the Canadian squad for the World Baseball Classic, and hopes to get on a team's roster from there. Perhaps the Twins' third-base dilemma will be solved? (Probably not - but I think we all wish Koskie, a class act and a guy that still lives in the Twin Cities, the absolute very best of luck as he tries to get back into the game.)

Jim "Shecky" Souhan is at it again

There's nothing worse than lame attempts at humor. If you're not funny, it's just better to play it straight. It's just astonishing that nobody outside of Gleeman has told Souhan that he's just not funny. Not his wife, or his editors or his friends--nobody he listens to--has saved him from the repeated embarrassment of lame attempts at humor. It's too bad, because he used to be a decent writer before the Peter Principle took over and made him a columnist. Then he thought he had to be somebody he's not. He's not just bad at it, his attempts to inject humor into his writing is at times pathetic. The new low came today. He actually wrote this (and his editors let it get to print): "Give us some reason to believe you haven't been kidnapped by a South American dictator or sucked into that temple by the black cloud monster on 'Lost.' (If you don't get that reference, don't worry about it -- those of us who watch the show don't get it, either.)" He actually wrote a reference that he knew nobody would get because he doesn't even get it. Newsflash Jim: You're not funny and you're ruining your career trying to be somebody you're not. Stop it and start telling the story the way you know you can.

LEN3 is starting to think the Twins will sign Crede

I've been writing this for weeks now: Crede just doesn't have many options, and his options are shrinking as other teams sign other players. So he pretty much has to take the Twins offer, which reportedly is $5 million guaranteed plus $2 million in incentives.

Community Projection: Justin Morneau

2009 community projections for Justin Morneau.

Craig Breslow: Not your ordinary LOOGY

This is a great story. Inspiring doesn't begin to describe it. And only Phil Miller--the official beat writer of TwinkieTown--can write like this.

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