Breakfast & Baseball

Wed. Links: National Holiday, Mattresses & More

Good morning, everyone. The end of the second trimester of school is nearing, and with it a bunch of kids that suddenly are concerned about their grades are appearing. Long story short, this next...

Twins Notes: Drew, Cruz, Raley, Wells, Diaz, More

Holy Twins notes, Bat-Man! Catch up with the latest coming out of Twins Territory.

Twins Notes: Diaz, Arroyo, Madsen, Yoon, QotSA

The Twins have a few notes of interest this morning. Stop by Twinkie Town, Twins fans!

Notebook: Summer Trip, Mozeliak's Start, and More

Today's Notebook looks at a man's upcoming trip to visit all 30 ballparks in one summer, how Cardinals GM John Mozeliak got his big break in baseball from a fly-fishing trip, the Red Sox becoming superior baserunners, and a 16-game season for MLB.

Notebook: Podcast, Viewing Ages & More

Today's Notebook talks about my recent podcast appearance, Jon Lester possibly cheating during his Game 1 start, the median age of baseball viewers being sky high, a man buying a $3 ticket to the World Series, and more.

Monday Notes: Hicks, Chavez, Price, Leyland, Rand

Here's what's happening in Twins Territory as we start the week.

Notebook: Chief Wahoo, fWAR & bWAR, Uehara & More

Today's Notebook looks at my continued depression of the Twins, the offensive Chief Wahoo logo and the push to eliminate it, the Athletics using platoons, Mike Pelfrey demonstrating the difference between fWAR and bWAR, and Koji Uehara's dominance.

Notebook: Qualifying Offer, Nerds, & Confessions

Today's Notebook looks at whom we shall root for now that the Rays, A's, and Pirates have been eliminated from the playoffs, the exact amount of the qualifying offer for free agents has been announced, David Price calling out those that have never pl

Notebook: Killing Rallies & (More) Unwritten Rules

Today's Notebook looks at Steve Lyons arguing that home runs prevent you from scoring runs (?), the disconnect between Latinos and everyone else over playing baseball the right way, the Braves policing themselves on the unwritten rules, and more.

Notebook: Exuent Sandman, Unwritten Rules & More

Today's Saturday Notebook talks about Mariano Rivera's retirement, a documentary about Yunel Escobar and defecting from Cuba, while the country may not force their players to defect any more, and the Braves getting upset over the unwritten rules.


Notebook: New Posting System, LOLria, and More

Today's Saturday Notebook looks at my softball game at Target Field, a new posting process, Jeffrey Loria doing more Loria things, the Pirates using a ton of defensive shifts to their advantage, and some new methods that may prevent arm injuries.

Notebook: TJ Surgery, Fired Vendors and More

Today's Notebook takes an in-depth look at Tommy John surgery and how it's done, Andrelton Simmons having a chance at the best defensive season ever, an unknown rule being used to credit Mariano Rivera with a win instead of a save, and more.

Notebook: Win Petitions, NPB HR Record, and More

Today's Saturday Notebook looks at an attempt to ban the win statistic for pitchers, Eric Byrnes hinting that a steroid user is already in the Hall of Fame, Wladimir Balentien's attempt at breaking the NPB home run record, and more.

Notebook: Best & Worst, Abusing Reporters & More

Today's Notebook looks at if we'll continue to watch the Twins, using the eye test shows Derek Jeter or Brendan Ryan as the superior defender, MLB teams adding "guarantee language" to contracts, Brandon Phillips flipping out at a reporter & more.

Notebook: 4000 Hits, Mike Ehrman-trout & More

Today's Notebook looks at Torii Hunter's latest controversy, Ichiro Suzuki reaching 4000 combined hits in his MLB and NPB careers, Adam Dunn learning to beat the exaggerated infield shift, David DeJesus being on three teams within one week and more.

Notebook: Walk-Off Rituals, The Ringer & More

Today's Sat. Notebook has my take on expanded replay and challenges, Torii Hunter helping the media discover Prince Fielder's divorce, the Yankees' odd ritual after walk-off home runs and more.

Notebook: Burton Punches, Fountain Mom, & More

Today's Notebook looks at Jared Burton throwing punches at Brian Duensing, new rules we can create for baseball, the escapades of Kauffman Stadium's "Fountain Mom," Matt Garza losing his cool at Eric Sogard's wife, and more.

Sat. Notebook: More Satire, The Hiccup, & More

Today's Saturday Notebook looks at some of my own satire pieces from the past, Tino Martinez getting fired from the Marlins for "abusing" his players, the Twins' need for a Latino coach, pitchers struggling and the "hiccup" of their careers, & more.

Notebook: Misdirected Rage, Educate Players & More

Today's Saturday Notebook looks at how many fans are outraged over Ryan Braun's connection to Biogenesis but ignore another player's troubled and violent past, how one former player thinks the current guys should learn about their true value & more.

Notebook: "The Rookie" Redux, Defections & More

Today's Sat. Notebook looks Matt Harvey interviewing Mets fans around New York City about Matt Harvey, Steve Delabar living the movie "The Rookie" himself, a story about a failed defection from Cuba by Yasiel Puig, and more.

Sat. Notebook: Farewell Tour, Blunders, & More

Today's Saturday Notebook looks at Mariano Rivera's farewell tour and what occurred for him in Minnesota, a minor league team getting a walk-off hit but still losing the game, the odd complaints about Homer Bailey after he pitched a no-hitter & more.

Sat. Notebook: STFU, Mound Drawings, & More

Today's Sat. Notebook looks at Kyle Gibson's debut, Rays rookie Wil Myers hectic off day, Rays owner Stuart Sternberg preparing 14 years in advance for a new stadium, another person getting annoyed by an etching in the pitcher's mound, and more.

Sat. Notebook: Standing Up, Brawls & More

Today's Saturday Notebook piggyback's off of Jesse's article about if the Twins should buy or sell at the trade deadline, the Royals thinking their poor walk rates are because of their home ballpark, Matt Harvey standing up to Jon Rauch, and more.

Sat. Notebook: Lies, The War Room, and More

Today's Saturday Notebook looks at how Dirk Hayhurst was drafted on the strength of a lie to a scout, Tanner Vavra getting drafted by the Twins despite having only one good eye, what it looks like inside a major league draft room, and more.

Sat. Notebook: The End, The Undesirables & More

Today's Saturday Notebook looks at how MLB is handling the Biogenesis scandal in the wrong way, Ramon Ortiz's heartbreaking reaction to injuring his elbow, the Nationals joining the Twins in mishandling injuries and more.

Sat. Notebook: Forgotten Starts, Photobombs & More

Today, we look at some excellent photobombing techniques by the Cincinnati Bearcats college baseball team; Dusty Baker wanting his players to fight but swearing is not okay; the forgotten positions that some players used to play, and more.

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