Breakfast & Baseball

Early morning Twins notes.

Notebook: Misdirected Rage, Educate Players & More


Today's Saturday Notebook looks at how many fans are outraged over Ryan Braun's connection to Biogenesis but ignore another player's troubled and violent past, how one former player thinks the...

Notebook: "The Rookie" Redux, Defections & More


Today's Sat. Notebook looks Matt Harvey interviewing Mets fans around New York City about Matt Harvey, Steve Delabar living the movie "The Rookie" himself, a story about a failed defection from...

Sat. Notebook: Farewell Tour, Blunders, & More


Today's Saturday Notebook looks at Mariano Rivera's farewell tour and what occurred for him in Minnesota, a minor league team getting a walk-off hit but still losing the game, the odd complaints...

Sat. Notebook: STFU, Mound Drawings, & More


Today's Sat. Notebook looks at Kyle Gibson's debut, Rays rookie Wil Myers hectic off day, Rays owner Stuart Sternberg preparing 14 years in advance for a new stadium, another person getting annoyed...

Sat. Notebook: Standing Up, Brawls & More


Today's Saturday Notebook piggyback's off of Jesse's article about if the Twins should buy or sell at the trade deadline, the Royals thinking their poor walk rates are because of their home...

Sat. Notebook: Lies, The War Room, and More


Today's Saturday Notebook looks at how Dirk Hayhurst was drafted on the strength of a lie to a scout, Tanner Vavra getting drafted by the Twins despite having only one good eye, what it looks like...

Sat. Notebook: The End, The Undesirables & More


Today's Saturday Notebook looks at how MLB is handling the Biogenesis scandal in the wrong way, Ramon Ortiz's heartbreaking reaction to injuring his elbow, the Nationals joining the Twins in...

Sat. Notebook: Forgotten Starts, Photobombs & More


Today, we look at some excellent photobombing techniques by the Cincinnati Bearcats college baseball team; Dusty Baker wanting his players to fight but swearing is not okay; the forgotten positions...

Sat. Notebook: Twins Are Better Than All Of These


Today's Saturday Notebook has a special theme as we look at things that the Twins are doing better than others right now. How is this possible? Read along to find out!

Sat. Notebook: Monday Chat, Brewers Mistake & More


Today's Saturday Notebook announces our first ever Cover It Live baseball chat, a look at the 17 worst first pitches, the Brewers blundering by eliminating a popular female-centered event for a...

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