Breakfast & Baseball

Early morning Twins notes.

B&B: Injured GMs, Gold Gloves, Bat Sales & More


Today's B&B post takes a look at Rafael Furcal getting Tommy John surgery after rest and rehab failed, a couple GMs and a manager suffering injuries throughout spring training, the Gold Gloves are...

B&B: Vetoed Trades, Mays' Catch In Color, & More


Today's B&B has me ranting about fans' unrealistic expectations when it comes to playing through injuries, Willie Mays' catch in color, vetoed trades and what could have been, no expanded instant...

B&B: Bunting for Power, Shagging, and More


In today's B&B post, I offer up my opinions to the signing of Rafael Perez, and also take a look at bunting for extra-base hits in 2012, Trevor Bauer being labeled as noncompliant by a former...

B&B: Career Change, Prior's Latest Comeback & More


Today's B&B post looks at Micah Owings giving up on pitching, the Rays strike out once again with finding a new home, Mark Prior's latest comeback attempt, and Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone of the...

B&B: Hayhurst Book, Return to Cuba, & Pitch Grips


Today's B&B post talks about Dirk Hayhurst's newest book, Cuban defectors finally being allowed to return to the island, the Marlins selling their team chemistry to the fans, and Trevor Bauer...

B&B: Age Falsification, Keeping Draft Picks & More


Today's B&B recaps Delmon Young's weight incentive clauses, the New York Mets wishing to keep their 1st round pick to sign Michael Bourn, Cuban defector Aledmys Diaz possibly being younger than he...

B&B: WBC, Twitter War, Instant Replay News & More


Today's B&B mentions the 4 Twins that will be on WBC rosters this year, another article on the odd injuries baseball players have sustained off the field, Brandon McCarthy gets into a Twitter war...

B&B: 'Pen Phones, Yogi Tweets, & "Pelotero" Review


Today's B&B post has me venting my frustrations over the Hall of Fame vote, MLB switching from landline bullpen phones to cell phones, an antique baseball card found that could sell for $100,000,...

B&B: Target Field, Darren Oliver, Charity, & More


Today's B&B post looks at the Target Field debt potentially being paid much earlier than anticipated, Darren Oliver's "Pay me fairly, trade me, or I'm retiring" ultimatum with the Blue Jays,...

Breakfast & Baseball: News From Around The League


Today's B&B post has the top GIFs of 2012 from all facets of the game of baseball, the new batting practice caps for all 30 MLB teams, Chipper Jones struggling with the retired life, how to pitch...

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