By the Numbers

Chad Qualls & the case against bWAR

Community member aariediger looks at the anomaly of Chad Qualls as it relates to bWAR - wins above replacement as calculated by Baseball Reference.

Joe Mauer's current place in Twins history


After reaching a pair of milestones, it's worth asking: in his age-31 season, where does Mauer sit in the annuls of Twins history?


Looking over the SABR defensive ratings

Community member DL44 gives a quick overview of defensive ratings as they relate to the Minnesota Twins.

Sam Fuld has meant more than we thought he would


I'll give you one guess as to who the second-most valuable Twins position player has been in 2014, after Brian Dozier.

Twins have baseball's worst defensive outfield


Nobody would be surprised to find out that the Twins' outfield defense rates poorly. But just how bad has it been?

Twins win winter catcher lottery with Kurt Suzuki


Not only has Kurt Suzuki exceeded all expectations so far this season, but he might be the best from last winter's class of free agent catchers. Sometimes it's not to not get the guys you want.


Making Up Metrics and Comparing '14 to '09 and '13

Community member MNWildcat compares recent seasons to determine the true talent level of the 2014 Twins ballclub.


A Statistical Examination of Chris Colabello

Community member Win-MIN-Twins goes in-depth on April's feel-good story.


Are the Twins really on a Cy Young binge?

The Twins have faced nine Cy Young award winners so far in 2014. Is that an historical number? How does that compare to the rest of the league?


Twins Starters are the Worst! (again)

Clutterheart has a bone to pick with the Twins' rotation. And it's justified.


Samuel Deduno's Fastball: Crazy No More?


Samuel Deduno's "crazy" fastball has been a hot topic as he managed to succeed in the majors despite less than desirable strikeout-to-walk rates, but it appears as though he may have finally...

The Twins Are the Second-Best Offense in Baseball?


Yes they are. At least, so far. And Jesse can tell you why.

Sam Fuld vs Darin Mastroianni (and Alex Presley)


Jesse gets into the numbers regarding new Twin Sam Fuld - particularly the defensive metrics.


How Much Better Will the Twins' 2014 Rotation Be?

Community member bl4ckduck runs through the projection systems to see what, exactly, Twins fans might be able to expect from the team's starters in 2014.

Joe Mauer's OBP compared to MLB average


We had an Amazin' Avenue gathering last night, and Joe Mauer came up in conversation. Figured I'd share this graph with you guys.

Remembering the Greatness That Was Chuck Knoblauch


Chuck Knoblauch was a great player and an enigmatic person. With the recent announcement of his upcoming induction to the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame, Twinkie Town reminds us how good the player...

The Worst Positions On The Twins


Not every position can be even average. I look at where the Twins appear to be the weakest, and if there's a way to fix the weak links.

Extension Candidate: Casey Fien


The Twins gave Jared Burton a two-year contract in December of 2012. Could Casey Fien be on a similar track?


Ten for the Hall

Dwintheiser puts forward ten players who deserve consideration for the Hall of Fame.

Breaking Down the Nolasco Contract


Jesse breaks down the dollars and years on Nolasco's contract, also including Minnesota's new contract commitments going forward and how the Twins could get their money out of the deal.

How Will Mauer's Bat Play as a First Baseman?


Jesse looks into the numbers to determine how Joe Mauer's bat compares with the league's best first basemen.


Twins Hitting Prospects Cheat Sheet

Luke in MN examines production of Twins hitting prospects in relation to age and level of competition. What do you think he finds?


Twins Run Prevention: Pitching vs Defense

Twinkie Town community member markos explores the numbers behind the Twins and keeping runs off the board.

Is Trevor Plouffe the next Cuddyer?


It may sound crazy, but Trevor Plouffe's career is very reminiscing of former productive hitter and now batting champion, Michael Cuddyer.

Trevor Plouffe Versus Consistency


Trevor Plouffe's seasonal triple slash isn't anything to take note of...but that doesn't tell the whole story of his 2013 campaign with the Twins.

Praise for the Twins' Middle Infield


They may not be All-Stars, but Pedro Florimon and Brian Dozier have been a lot better than expected.

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