Dad catches 4 foul balls at Twins game

Lucky guy but one can attribute some of that due to there being less than 22,000 fans in attendance.

"Hold Steady" Rocker Geeks Out Over The Twins

Craig Finn, of The Hold Steady, gives a good interview on why he loves the Twins and Target Field. I do not know this band, but I know Finn's song "Please Don't Call Them Twinkies." And everything he says about musical choices at Target Field is spot-on. Very enjoyable stuff.


Yet another example that the Chicago White Sox just don't get it.

PTBNL for Butera

Twins get a A pitcher as the PTBNL for Butera

KSTP's Post Game Coverage of Twins 1987 WS Victory

October 25, 1987: The Minnesota Twins moments ago had won game 7 of the World Series. The first for the franchise since 1924 (as the Washington Senators) and the first in Minnesota. Stan Turner, Ruth Spencer, and the entire KSTP Sports team provide team coverage of this historic event.

An actually fun "Sports Illustrated" article

This is an excerpt from a new book about how athletes become great. It has a killer lead: college softball pitcher Jennie Finch embarrasses MLB hitters like Albert Pujols, who says "I never want to experience that again." The gist is that people who practice things, a lot, develop visual memory banks which allow them to process information much faster than people who haven't practiced as much. Situations which don't conform to their memory banks reduce their advantage, and that's why college girls can hit Jennie Banks but Pujols and Bonds and A-Rod couldn't. The excerpt appears to be saying that conventional wisdom is wrong, genetic ability matters less than brain programming through repetition. If so, Drew Butera could be better than Joe Mauer if he practiced more. This is dumb. I assume the book is more elaborate than that. The lead, however, is huge fun. And there's cool science stuff on how fast baseballs move and how quickly batters have to decide if/where to swing the bat. (Really quickly, as it turns out, which is why Mariano Rivera's late-breaking cutter has bamboozled hitters for 42 years.)

Welcome to the team, Emily and Maren

Congrats Joe and Maddie!

Video Of Kyle Gibson’s First Professional Autograph Event

Original video, with accompanying article, chronicling Kyle Gibson’s autograph signing appearance at Fan HQ in Minnetonka, last week.

The Twins have the No. 1 Prospect in all of baseball!

And his name is Byron Buxton. Duh! At least, that is, if you listen to John Sickels or Keith Law (paywall). In fact, things are even better with Miguel Sano being slotted at 3 and 4 by Sickels and Law respectively. And there are two more Twins in Sickels list. Head on over and check it out.


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