Off-Season Discussion

Catching up with the mock 2014 Twins


Over the winter, Jesse took part in SB Nation's mock Winter Meetings in what is essentially a week of a flurry of emails regarding trade and free agent offers. How have his decisions played out so...

What If Kubel Falters?


The Twins and Jason Kubel seem convinced that he will be the team's DH this season. But what if something goes wrong?

Late Offseason Free Agent Ideas


Spring training is upon us and the Twins are gearing up for the 2014 season. Although they're likely done shopping, perhaps there's still a few players available that could help the team this year.

Choosing A Backup Catcher


The Twins seem committed to using Kurt Suzuki as their regular catcher to start 2014. Eric Fryer, Chris Herrmann, and Josmil Pinto are the three that will compete to be his backup next year, but...

Is Masahiro Tanaka Stalling The Twins' Offseason?


After a flurry of activity to start the offseason, the Twins have gone silent lately, though they still have interest in multiple free agent pitchers. Is the allure of Masahiro Tanaka to blame, or...

Radar Mapping The Five Tools


Let's use some graphs to visualize how various Twins players rate with the five tools!

Twins Winter Meeting Primer, 2013


Even after signing Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes, the Twins have a great deal of work to do. The Winter Meetings is a good place to get things started for the rest of the off-season.

SBN Mock Winter Meetings Day 4 Review & Full Recap


Twinkie Town reveals their final moves of the SB Nation Mock Winter Meetings, and reflects on the week-long exercise.

SBN Mock Winter Meetings Day 3: Santana Signs


Jesse and the Mock Twins continue to be active, especially for starting pitching, in Day 3 of SB Nation's Mock Winter Meetings.

SBN Mock Winter Meetings Day 2: Haren Highlights


The Twins were very active on Day 2 of the SB Nation Mock Winter Meetings. How did they do? Read on.


SBN Mock Winter Meetings Day 1: Twins Acquire SP


With Day 1 of the SB Nation Mock Winter Meetings wrapped up, Twinkie Town's Jesse dishes on the happenings of the day for the Twins.

Off-Season Prep: MLB's Important Dates


Need to know what will be happening when, baseball fans? Twinkie town has your answers. And a couple of translations.

Where Do the Twins Need the Most Help?


Jesse runs through the Twins, position by position, to determine which areas of the team should be getting the most focus from the front office this winter. Starting pitching is one area, but what...

To Tender or Not to Tender: Twins Arb Eligibles


Examining Minnesota's three arbitration-eligible players and their places on the 2014 roster.

Thirty-Something Hitters and the Twins


Warne examines some thirty-something hitters whom the Twins should consider targeting this offseason.

2012 SB Nation Mock Winter Meetings In Review


Last winter, Jesse played the part of Twins GM as SB Nation ran a simulation of the Winter Meetings. He made a few really good decisions, and a few bad ones. How did it turn out overall?

Poll: Should the Twins Target Josh Johnson?


With the Twins targeting starting pitching this winter, is Josh Johnson one guy you'd be willing to see them chase down?

Off-Season Prep: Baseball's Qualifying Offer


With the off-season just a couple of weeks away, now is the time to get learned up on a few of baseball's rules that came into effect last winter. Today, Jesse breaks down Major League Baseball's...

Five Free Agent, Pull Power Targets for the Twins


The Twins need starting pitching in 2014. But they also need to find a way to add a little offense. Jesse finds five right-handed hitters who pull for power, fitting the profile of Target Field.

Loss Leader Strategy: Losing Teams and Free Agents


The Twins need to find a new strategy to help them bring in free agent talent. With more money available than they've ever had before, the answer might just be: over-spend.

2014 Payroll: Contracts, Arbitration, Resources


When it comes to the upcoming winter, the Minnesota twins will have a lot of money to spend. How much do they have on the books and what kind of resources will they have? Twinkie Town has more.

2013 Rule 5 Draft: Who Must the Twins Protect?


The Rule 5 draft is a great annual source of speculation, for any number of reasons. Twinkie Town looks forward to discuss which players the Twins must add to the 40-man roster in order to protect...

Twins Post-Season 40-Man Roster: Who Gets Cut?


After the playoffs are finished in October, teams across baseball will be getting their 40-Man rosters in order for the winter. Here's how Jesse sees that process shaking down for the Minnesota Twins.

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