Book Review: The 30 Stadiums In 30 Days One

As you may have been aware, a couple of very young writers/friends, Ben Blatt and Eric Brewster, last year publicized their intent to visit 30 stadiums in 30 days. Now they have published a book...

Derek Jeter's tenth inning


Some moments in sports transcend the game. Rachel Ulfers was at the All-Star game this last week, and she has more about Jeter's reception in Minnesota.


Hard bounces

Community member dwintheiser asks whether fans close to the action at Target Field should be kept safer.

The Twins are sellers: the lessons of 2011


What can the 2014 Twins learn from their recent past?

The All-Star Game, A Review


An insider's look at how the All-Star Game went last night.


Review: The Battered Bastards of Baseball

Short version: This is a fun, 70-plus-minute documentary about a strange independent-league 1970's baseball team. It is available to watch now on Netflix streaming, and eventually will be available...


Alternative History - 1990 Twins go into rebuild

Devereaux plays with some alternative history, and a little bit of revisionist history, too, but points out what would have happened to the 1991 Twins had the organization been focused on building...

Twins Culture Hasn't Changed, Should the Manager?


Joe Mauer's latest injury shows that the Twins still haven't gotten aggressive about identifying and treating injuries.

What will the Twins do with Mike Pelfrey?


Jesse looks forward to see what Mike Pelfrey's role could be for the Twins in 2015.

Don't Oversell Kurt Suzuki


Kurt Suzuki has been a godsend at catcher this year, leading to rumors that the Twins will give him a contract extension. That's not an awful idea, provided the Twins don't go overboard with the...


All-Star Picks, 2014


Jesse runs through his All-Star team selections. Do any Twins make the list?


Why Baseball Books? Oh, And Here's A New One

Twinsbrewer on why baseball books matter, plus a review of Josh Ostergaard's book The Devil's Snake Curve.

It's time to call up Trevor May


Is it time for the Twins to take another step towards the future? Jesse thinks so.

Why wasn't Josmil Pinto playing more often?


The Twins didn't give Josmil Pinto regular playing time before sending him down. Where does that leave him in terms of being a player who can help the team win in 2014?


On Pace For 96 Losses

David Wintheiser was trying to be optimistic, until an Aaron Gleeman tweet set in the realities of the 2013 and 2014 Twins teams. Indeed, it may well be that the difference between last year and...

Being Proactive vs. Reactive


The Oakland Athletics have become one of the best teams in the majors by taking charge with their players and not letting hot streaks and mirages dictate their actions. The Twins should start...

Are Natural Rivalries Being Diminished?


The MLB schedule makers decided that it would be best to remove a key weekend series that many Twins fans looked forward to every year. That sucks.


Sometimes It Feels Good To Be Wrong

Community member markos philosophizes on the Twins' season to date and admits - sometimes, it's a good thing to be wrong.

State of Play: Twins Roster


Jesse jumps around the Twins' roster for a post-long-weekend update, and wonders: can this team stay competitive?


Review: Down to the Last Pitch

Twinsbrewer reviews Tim Wendel's "Down to the Last Pitch.

Being Wrong On Brian Dozier


Brian Dozier didn't seem to be much of a player based on his minor league track record. However, he's given the appearance now that he was simply a late bloomer.

Opt-Out Date for Matt Guerrier is Approaching


Jesse from Twinkie Town examines the Matt Guerrier situation to see if there is any way that the Twins could get him to the roster before his May 8th opt-out date.

On Chris Parmelee and His Ownership of Triple-A


Chris Parmelee is raking in Triple-A Rochester. Is there anything the Twins can do about that? Is there anything they SHOULD do about that?

Twins Not Interested in Scott Baker and That's Ok


Jesse examines Minnesota's context for not being interested in Scott Baker to determine if he's a better option than what is already in-house.


What On Earth Are We Doing?

RememberTheMetrodome wonders: how the hell are the Twins doing so well?

Avoiding Revisionist History on Jason Bartlett


If you didn't know better, you'd think the Twins - from top to bottom - have always loved Jason Bartlett, based off of what's been said about him since spring training. Jesse wants to make sure you...

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