Swarzak Looks To Become Latest Bullpen Weapon

After a career year in 2013, the Twins are hoping that Anthony Swarzak can continue improving as he assumes a bigger role.

10 Twins Predictions for 2014

Can you guess what will happen for the Twins in 2014? Jesse takes a shot and asks you to offer your own.

Welcome to Opening Day 2014

What do you love about Opening Day?

Why the Twins Can Win the Pennant

Okay, not "win the pennant"...but what is there to look forward to?

Twins Front Office Worried About Offense

The Minnesota front office is concerned about offense and run production...and they should be. But what's left that could be done to improve the team's outlook?

Jason Bartlett Should Be Left Off the Roster

Jesse believes Bartlett is out of his depth against Major League competition.


Can I Come Out of the Man Cave Yet?

Is it Opening Day yet?

Twins May Have A Trade Partner In Houston

The Houston Astros announced that they are looking for a new first baseman, and the Twins could be a potential trade partner.


The Case for Baseball On the Radio

RememberTheMetrodome asks: can you seriously not enjoy a radio broadcast of a baseball game?

Losing Faith In Plouffe

The narrative seems to be that once Miguel Sano is called up, Trevor Plouffe becomes a super-utility player. I don't buy it.


Remembering the Greatness That Was Chuck Knoblauch

Chuck Knoblauch was a great player and an enigmatic person. With the recent announcement of his upcoming induction to the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame, Twinkie Town reminds us how good the player really was.


Most Important Twins: Round 1

Luke in MN wants to know: who will have the biggest impact for the Twins on the field over the next six years?

What If Byron Buxton & Miguel Sano Don't Pan Out?

Jesse wonders: what if Minnesota's two blue chip prospects don't live up to expectations? It's a hard thing to fathom for Twins fans.

My Disappointment About TwinsFest

A new venue for TwinsFest brings a bunch of excitement, but there's one thing big change that I cannot support.

My Dad Was Right About Frank Thomas in 2006

Jesse was wrong this one time. Now, eight years later, he's ready to admit it.


In the Cold, Cold Ground: How I Became a Twins Fan

It's really cold in Twins Territory this morning. Here's a tale to warm you up just a bit - how Twinsbrewer became a Twins fan.

The Twins Aren't Too Hot On Their Internal Options

The Twins are interested in all of the starting pitchers, but Jesse thinks it's starting to get a bit too much.

Yes, The Twins Have Improved

In response to an article stating that the Twins have had a poor offseason, I point out that it's been much better than outsiders believe.

Colabello, Parmelee, & the Battle for Right Field

The Twins still have a glut of plodding, no-production right fielders on the roster. Jesse talks it out.

The Cost For Stephen Drew

Signing Stephen Drew would mean the Twins lose their second round draft pick for 2014. Looking at a decade's worth of second rounders, I argue that this trade-off would be worthwhile for the Twins.

Making the Twins Better with 3 Position Players

The Twins still need to get better on offense. Jesse has three ideas that would be relatively easy to put into place.


The Two (Plus) Year Outlook for Position Players

Community member skyjo writes a dissertation on the outlook for the position-player side of the Minnesota Twins. Grab a drink and settle in, it's a good read.

The Rotation's Not Finished Yet

It sounds like the Twins are going to have a crowded rotation, and that's a good thing. I take a look at the options the Twins have if they find their next piece.


Boys, Girls, and Sports Blogs

Twinsbrewer is frustrated with the culture behind many online sports communities.

The Time Is Right

The Twins may not be ready to contend in 2014, but they're finally putting together the foundation for the next generation of success.

2014 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot: Who's In, Who's Out?

Hall of Fame discussions are tricky, because everyone believes something different. Jesse isn't going to make anything clearer, just so you know going in.

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