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BREAKFAST LINKS: Sinker, Buxton, Blyleven, Blitzen

Everyone's so damn sad.


What Do YOU Think the Twins Season Record Will Be?


BREAKFAST LINKS: Bartlett, Presley, Neil Young

I think you're all very pretty.

5 Questions For The Regular Season

I look at some questions we may have about this Twins roster as the 2014 regular season approaches.

BREAKFAST LINKS: Hicks, Carroll, The War On Drugs

Pancakes, divorce, pancakes


Do not actually try to eat these breakfast links, as they are cyber words and contain no nutritional value, and might kill you. At least that's what we heard about a kid who tried to do that and now he's dead. Stupid Kyle.

BREAKFAST LINKS: Rain, Hicks, Teenage Fanclub

I don't think anyone else is out for the season. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Trust nothing and no one.

BREAKFAST LINKS: Yoon, Jeter, Ted Leo

"There are worlds within worlds, Jacqueline, and I don't have the TIME or the PATIENCE to explain them to you. So just let me be clear and brief: Luke and Leia kissing in Star Wars: A New Hope isn't gross because of the following six reasons: Numbe

New Twins TV Spot: "In My Blood"

A young boy lives and breathes Minnesota Twins, and vows to stay loyal to his team for better or for worse.

Rumors: Ervin & Johan Santana

The Twins have been tied to two Santana's this winter. But only one could end up in Minnesota.


The Breakfast Links Have Zero Nutritional Value



Most Important Twins, Round 4

Which Twin will have the biggest impact on the team over the next six years? Nolasco? Arcia? Meyer? Someone else? YOU DECIDE.


Most Important Twins, Round 3

Continue the voting challenge!

BREAKFAST LINKS: Chen, Albers, Arroyo, Yoon

"I have taped and indexed every episode of Mama's Family and placed the video cassettes in this attractive carrying case, Abigail. Do not TELL ME that the VCR is broken and that it's a dead technology. Art will find a way, you simple fool."

BREAKFAST LINKS: Mystery Player, Arroyo, Albers

"I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed, Kaitlyn. When I say 'it needs to have scrubbing bubbles,' it needs to have scrubbing bubbles. Dammit."

BREAKFAST LINKS: Vernon Wells, Robin Yount, Replay

"I have a very particular set of skills, Doreen. Those skills are entirely based around my lifelong love of model trains. Quit laughing at me like I'm some stamp-collecting turd, Doreen. It's a legitimate hobby. Go to hell."

Notes: Kershaw, Scouting, Arbitration, Reynolds

Good morning, Twins Territory! Jesse is here with some morning nuggets.

Brunch & Baseball: Arroyo, Reynolds, Yoon

Here's what's been heard over the weekend for the Twins fans among us.

Who Am I: Career Doubles Leaders Edition ('61-'13)

Think you know your Twins history? Test your mettle, champion!

BREAKFAST LINKS: Wimberley, Slowey, Cowboy Junkies

"For chrissakes, Carole, do you even listen to yourself when you talk? DO YOU?"

BREAKFAST LINKS: Benson, Crain, Phosphorescent

It's a perfect machine, Ken. A perfect, elegant, lethal mach--hey, where the hell are my pants? I NEED MY PANTS KEN THIS ISN'T FUNNY AND I'M TIRED OF IT.

BREAKFAST LINKS: Arroyo, Hocking, Crain, Prine

Really? It's the holidays, Therese! You've got to be KIDDING me!

Twins Notes: Doumit, Chavez, Valencia, Antony

There's a batch of new notes ready for Twins fans this morning. Grab your coffee.

Twins Notes: Santana, Reynolds, Tanaka, Pino, More

The week after the Winter Meetings...who said they have to be without news of any kind? The Twins still have a lot in the oven.

BREAKFAST LINKS: Hughes, Nolasco, Hendriks, Cronin

The Stove is too damn Hot

Reactions to the Twins Signing of Phil Hughes

People are really baffled about this whole Twins-spending-money thing. But Twinkie Town shies away from that analysis.

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