Construct Your Own Twins Bench!

With just a four-man bench, it can be a challenge to put together a list of position players who can give you everything you need as a manager. Jesse challenges Twins fans to put together their own four-man bench from a set list of players.

Twins to Meet with Bronson Arroyo's Agent

It's been a slow first morning of the Winter Meetings.

Who's Next if theTwins Add Another Starter?

Warne examines the market to see whom the Twins may add as the next starting pitcher

Twins Free Agent Rumors: John Buck

Nope. Just nope.

Twins Roster: Waiver Deadlines & Out of Options

The Twins have some interesting decisions to make.

Twins Free Agent Rumors: Catcher Roundup

The Twins need a catcher. Here's the best of the rest on the dwindling free agent market.

Jeremy Hellickson Proposal Number Two

Dex puts in his two cents on Hellickson potentially having interest from the Twins.

How Does the Nolasco Signing Affect the Rotation?

Wonderful question, glad you asked. Jesse and Twinkie Town have your answer.

Twins Interested in Jeremy Hellickson?

Tampa Bay's starter is coming off of a down season. Could the Twins buy low on the trade market?

Why Did the Twins Sign Fryer to a Split Contract?

The question has been bouncing around in Jesse's head for 12 days. He has finally decided to let you into his mind. It's a dangerous place.


Due Diligence: Gavin Floyd and Chris Capuano

Jesse breaks down both Floyd and Capuano in an effort to determine how interested the Twins should be in either pitcher.

40-Man Roster Decisions Looming for Twins

The Twins, like every baseball team, have decisions to make in the next week.

Twins Free Agent Notes: Punto, Salty, Kazmir, More

Here's what's up on the free agent market regarding Twins direct rumors, former Twins news tidbits, and players somehow connected to the Twins. TWINS!

Twins FA Rumors & Notes: Arroyo, Haren, Feldman

After a long weekend, Twinkie Town is here to get you your Monday morning Twins fix.


Where Will Miguel Sano Be In April?

Community member markos digs into Miguel Sano's numbers on the season and speculates on how the Twins will hand the young slugger as he gets closer to making his Major League debut.

Which Players Are On the Block to be Cut Next?

Twins fans will already know who is going to be on the chopping block. Jesse can tell you why.

What Would You Do? The 2014 Joe Mauer Survey.

Lots of discussion about what the Twins should do with Joe Mauer in 2014 in the wake of his season-ending concussion. Finally, there's an outlet for you, the average "Joe" (get it?), to have YOUR say.

Where Will the Twins Draft In 2014?

Struggling teams always look forward to next season. Jesse reviews reverse standings to estimate where how high or low the Twins could slot in the June 2014 MLB draft.


Justin's Gone, Now What?

Community member SabermetricBoss runs through the Twins options for first base as he sees them.

Will the Twins Make an August Trade?

The Twins have made an August trade every year since 2006. Will they break that streak this season?

Is This Drew Butera's Last Ride?

Drew Butera was Minnesota's backup catcher from 2010 to 2012. This season he's the third-string catcher for the Twins Triple-A affiliate. So why is he being recalled now? Circumstances, yes, but Jesse thinks there's more to it.

The Other Twins All-Star

Joe Mauer and Glen Perkins both (deservedly) made the American League All-Star team this season, but there's another All-Star who's giving plenty of reason to be excited.

Will the Twins Keep Thomas When Hicks Returns?

Twinkie Town believes it's a question of philosophy: does the team need a backup center fielder on the roster?


An Early Look at Twins' Potential Trade Partners

Community member markos puts together a great cheat sheet for who the Minnesota Twins could be trading with come July.

Is The Cutter The Twins' New Market Inefficiency?

The Twins have brought in a lot of pitchers over the past two years that throw a cutter. Is this a new pitching strategy or purely a coincidence?

Is Promoting Kyle Gibson Worth It?

The Twins could potentially save more than $10M in the long run by waiting three to four more weeks to call up Kyle Gibson. Should they throw that out to give him a few extra starts when they're seven games out of first place?

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