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Bert Blyleven Mixing It Up With Fans At TwinsFest (Video)


The Hall of Famer and Twins lifer once again shows why he is so beloved by multiple generations of Twins fans.

A Hall of Fame Gesture From Bert Blyleven


True story, from last week, chronicling a very kind gesture from Bert Blyleven, to a group of senior ladies in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Twins to Immortalize Blyleven by Retiring No. 28


MINNEAPOLIS -- Bert Blyleven's No. 28 will never be worn by a Twins player again. The Twins announced Thursday night during their annual Diamond Awards that they will retire Blyleven's uniform number to honor the pitcher who will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on July 24. No. 28, which Blyleven wore for all 11 seasons he spent with the Twins, will be retired during a pregame celebration on July 16 at Target Field when the Twins host the Royals as part of Bert Blyleven Day. From minnesota.twins.mlb.com

Original Twins TV Shows We Missed

The Twins never did really get their own TV network off the ground. It's too bad, because we've got some ideas for shows we'd really like to see.

Hall of Fame Debates; Jack Morris vs Bert Blyleven


Great Link to Lone Star Ball which is debating why Bert Blyleven shouldn't be in the hall of fame and why Jack Morris should be Hall of Fame bound instead. This debate should be interesting to Twins fans because both did get a second World Series ring with the Twins after pitching a different team to their first title.

I met Bert Blyleven in Anaheim!


A fan describes meeting Bert Blyleven in Anaheim. According to the story, he’s as cool a guy as you would think he’d be.

Bert Blyleven Belongs In the Hall of Fame


Bert belongs--the numbers support it. You know he belongs. I know he belongs. Even Bert knows he belongs. Let's get it right this year, shall we?

Bert makes his case for the hall of fame


"Clearly, wins is a flawed stat, and I think observers of baseball are beginning to realize that. After all, this year’s Cy Young winners were Zack Greinke (16 wins) and Tim Lincecum (15). Both are great pitchers and deserving of the award, but neither led their league in wins." Never thought I'd hear (read) words like that from Bert, even in a piece talking about himself.

Is This (Finally) Bert's Time?


Jeremiah Graves from Bleacher Report makes the case for Bert Blyleven to be inducted into Cooperstown...after being denied 12 years in a row. Some of his numbers are beyond impressive-242 complete games and 60 shutouts-yet he's denied year after year. With support growing annually, there is finally hope that he will be recognized for his pitching accomplishments. My question to you, the Twinkie Town faithful, is: do you think Bert should be inducted this year (or should he have been any of the previous 12 years)?

Off Day Discussion Topic: Your First Game


I went to yesterday's Father's Day tilt against Houston with my dad, which got me thinking about my very first Twins game: July 16, 1987.  I was five years old, and though the Twins were unbeatable...

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