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By Putting Joe Mauer on Waivers, The Minnesota Twins Prove They Are Completely Clueless


I understand the idea of attempting a salary dump, but this is really bad timing.

Season Preview: Minnesota Twins


I thought a lot about the 2011 Minnesota Twins this week, and I just can’t consider them a failure. Maybe I’m a "stadium half-full" kind of guy. One thing I did learn about the Twins last year is that when they aren’t in playoff contention they can disappear off the face of the earth. I think Casey Anthony was more popular in Minnesota last summer. They posted the worst record in the American League (63-99), and second worst in the majors. Thirty-two games out of first, just one year after winning the central division by six games. So why wasn’t this a failure? Injuries to the middle of their lineup led to Justin Morneau (69 games), and Joe Mauer (82 games) each playing about half a season. In fact, only three players appeared in more than 100 games, Danny Valencia, Michael Cuddyer, and Ben Revere.

Should the Royals nab Joe Mauer?


At least that is the question posed to Royals fans at SB Nation site Royals Review. The premise goes something like this: Both North and South Dakota unite to form their own nation and take Minnesota with them. As a result the new nation of Dakotasota loses the Twins, and all current contracts are guaranteed meaning that someone would be on the hook for $23 million owed to Mauer through the 2018 season.

Joe Mauer Getting Coached Below AT&T Park (Video)


Article and videos showing Joe Mauer’s work with Twins hitting coach Joe Vavra, in the indoor batting cages at AT&T Park, prior to Thursday’s game at San Francisco.

Joe Mauer Pics from rehab


Joe Mauer pics from extended spring training.

Joe Mauer: Head & Shoulders Spokesman


Joe Mauer and Procter & Gamble are expected to announce a new endorsement deal today that has Joe "pitching" Head & Shoulder shampoo. USA Today astutely notes: "Mauer is known for his thick mane and sideburns." The article is accompanied by that picture of Joe from Twinsfest.

Michael Cuddyer has witnessed it all


Article detailing the indispensable contributions of Michael Cuddyer during the Twins six AL Central titles. He’s the only player who’s been there every step of the way. Piece includes video of Cuddyer doing a magic trick for a Twins fan during the ’09 season.

Mauer Power Redux


David Golebiewski has a great article at Fangraphs today that puts Mauer's amazing 2009 season in perspective and tries to make sense of his home run drop-off this season.

Everyone loves some Mauer lovin'


Story about Joe Mauer being Joe Mauer, what's new?

Torii Hunter entertains fans of the Midwest and West Coast


Article and videos chronicling Torii Hunter’s popularity and graciousness to fans in both places he’s called home, Minnesota and Southern California.

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