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Season Preview: Minnesota Twins


I thought a lot about the 2011 Minnesota Twins this week, and I just can’t consider them a failure. Maybe I’m a "stadium half-full" kind of guy. One thing I did learn about the Twins last year is that when they aren’t in playoff contention they can disappear off the face of the earth. I think Casey Anthony was more popular in Minnesota last summer. They posted the worst record in the American League (63-99), and second worst in the majors. Thirty-two games out of first, just one year after winning the central division by six games. So why wasn’t this a failure? Injuries to the middle of their lineup led to Justin Morneau (69 games), and Joe Mauer (82 games) each playing about half a season. In fact, only three players appeared in more than 100 games, Danny Valencia, Michael Cuddyer, and Ben Revere.

Concussion May Cut Morneau’s Career Short


This would spell certain doom for the Twins franchise if Morneau indeed decides that the ailment is too much for him to keep playing. Obviously, you hopes for the best of health for him, but on the business side they would be losing a ton of production for a team that doesn’t produce a ton of offense. Over the course of his nine-year career, Morneau has hit .281/.353/.499 and was the AL MVP in 2006 when he hit .321 with 34 home runs and 130 RBI.

At Least Michael Cuddyer isn't Hunter Pence


We always nag on how bad a fielder Michael Cuddyer is in our estimation. Granted some of this is limited to first and second base, but people have been complaining about his outfield play as well. Granted this isn't a Twins highlight, but Jason Bay has suffered similar ailments as Justin Morneau (Concussion) and Delmon Young (bruised ribs). What happened is that Bay scored on a four base error when Hunter Pence dropped an easy fly ball and let it roll to the warning track.

Michael Cuddyer has witnessed it all


Article detailing the indispensable contributions of Michael Cuddyer during the Twins six AL Central titles. He’s the only player who’s been there every step of the way. Piece includes video of Cuddyer doing a magic trick for a Twins fan during the ’09 season.


Johnny Canuck for MVP

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. Now speaking on behalf of the Johnny Canuck for MVP campaign is a man that knows a little something about playing first base and winning Most Valuable...

Series Recap: STRUGGLING!


When I was in high school, there was a guy on our baseball team that loved nothing more than the first pitch of the game from the opposing pitcher.  If it was a ball - and this being high school...


Minnesota Twins: Fielding Fun for Hernandez and Morneau

As Joe Christensen puts it: "The Twins' Opening Day starter had both dugouts rolling after some fancy footwork in his final spring tuneup." That's not nearly enough credit due Livan Hernandez...



We've done Bert-Speak (formatting will be off, but it's still readable).  This is only slightly different. Gardenhireism Example "The heck" I like the heck outta that Nick Punto. ...

2008 Twins Territory Commercial -- The Future!


2008 Twins Territory Commercial -- The Future!

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