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Cuddyer and Pavano off-season targets for Rockies


Interesting read throughout. However the info that is of interest to Twins fans is the first question/response. Basically the Rockies think Michael Cuddyer could be a free agent target along with Oakland's Josh Willingham. As far as trades are concerned, Carl Pavano could be a trade target.

Cuddyer Thinks He Won’t Be Traded? (Photo)


Article and photo chronicling an interaction between Michael Cuddyer and staff from the Twins recent Anaheim hotel.

Play Michael Cuddyer at Second?


That is what roto hardball wants us to do, but if only Cuddy gets his five qualifying starts to classify as a second baseman in fantasy.

Cuddyer Out One To Two Weeks After Having Wart Removed


Michael Cuddyer is going to miss some time after having a wart removed from his foot.

"Cuddy has no plans to go anywhere else, and hopes the Twins don't have plans to move him."


"News" story on Michael Cuddyer still being here and apparently hoping to stay here forever. Also, Delmon Young makes him sound like Punto, and there is inexplicably no mention of warts.

Michael Cuddyer has witnessed it all


Article detailing the indispensable contributions of Michael Cuddyer during the Twins six AL Central titles. He’s the only player who’s been there every step of the way. Piece includes video of Cuddyer doing a magic trick for a Twins fan during the ’09 season.

Friday Rockpile: Outflanking in the outfield


Will Dan O'Dowd be able to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to dealing Matt Holliday? Recent rumors suggest that he's looking to upgrade the Rockies outfield even while trading the...

Scenes from "Michael Cuddyer Tries to Go About His Business"


(SCENE ONE - FADE IN: Twins right fielder MICHAEL CUDDYER is attempting to go to the grocery store to pick up two gallons of milk, some beef jerky, and maybe one of those loaves of garlic cheese...

Cuddyer to DL, Span Arrives


This is why you don't slide head first. Baseball 101. The Good News:  A hand specialist examined Cuddyer, and reported that the tendon in the finger wasn't injured.  It could have been worse. The...

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