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Payroll flexibility and why we can't afford a big Free Agent now...probably

The more that comes out from DD about the Fister and Fielder trades, and the more he talks about payroll and flexibility, I begin to see a master plan here. And when you look at the roster and...


New ownership and how it affects payroll

Investigates the relationship between a change in ownership and opening day payroll, and applies this to the San Diego Padres.

Josh Barnett, Gilbert Melendez Lead Payroll for Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Cormier


Josh Barnett and Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez made the most money according to the California State Athletic Commission.

Bill Smith setting lower payroll expectations


Via Jon Krawczynski's AP column today (I can't find a direct AP link, so I just picked a Google result - more page hits for the Willmar paper!): The Twins' payroll reached $115 million this season, and after watching the results on the field, it could be a tough sell to ownership to get to that number again. "I think we pushed it beyond where we should have," Smith said. "Ownership let us go with it in an attempt to win and it didn't work. It backfired a little bit. All of the injuries made it tough. "We want to win and ownership wants to win. We also have to be somewhat responsible. Payroll becomes a function of revenues. We're going to have plenty of money. We're going to win with players not money." If that's not a setup for reducing next year's payroll, I don't know what is.

2010-11 NHL Marginal Cap Efficency


In a post by SBN's Oilers' affiliate, The Copper & Blue, the Hurricanes were rated today as the eighth-best team in the league as determined by Marginal Cap Efficiency. That statistic is calculated using the points earned by the team compared to the team's payroll, showing in an unbiased manner that Maurice and his young 'Canes might not have done so bad at all given the team's financial constraints.

Dodgers bounce some paychecks


But there is nothing to worry about here: The bounced checks were made out to part-timers and the team did have the money needed to pay them. It's just a messy, icky legal thingy.

UFC Fight Night 24 Salaries: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Top Earner With $90K Payday


UFC Fight Night 24 Salaries / Payroll: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Earns $90,000.

Strikeforce Salaries: Dan Henderson Top Earner With $250K Payday


Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson Fighter Salaries / Payroll: Dan Henderson Earns $250,000

UFC 125 Salaries: Thiago Silva Top Earner With $110K Payday


UFC 125 salaries: Thiago Silva and Frankie Edgar top $872K fighter payroll

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