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Still want a t-shirt??


For those who've missed out... we still have last year's merch on CLEARANCE over at the Blorch! Shop! Remaining sizes/availability vary. Please check the shop out. And shipping $30 and over is still FREEEE! Just remember, your purchase helps fund future Twinkie Town t-shirt designs (and whatever other merch we decide to come up with)! Thanks for your patience as we're still working on getting the new 2012 tees ready - but they're coming soon!

My Twins Photos


First time coming across Twinkie Town surprisingly, but a huge passion of mine is photographing Twins games. I've attended 135 out of the 166 total Twins games played at Target Field and I've photographed probably nearly 100 of them in one way or another. You can either click the link above to go to my Flickr sets or use this link below to go to my website: http://benckphotos.com/ Photos are not for sale. They are simply for viewing. I hope to photograph many more games again this season. Thanks for looking.

Twins reveal fate of those distracting Target Field spruce trees


• Ten of the 14 trees will be replanted in state parks • Two will be transplanted near the entrance to the Target Field • One will be auctioned off online to benefit the Minnesota Twins Community Fund. • One will be given away in a contest for season-ticket holders. In their place will be a honeycombed aluminum panel that's punctuated with small holes. -From the Strib

Thome, Target Field, Minneapolis Grace Sports Illustrated Cover


Okay, click over to Joe Posnanski's blog for a look at the new Sports Illustrated cover. That is one awesome shot.

Microclimates at Target Field


Not long on background, but an interesting take on the weather patterns at Target Field on a recent night.

LoneStarBall Target Field/Series Preview


Courtesy of our counterpart on the Rangers side of SBNation, this is a FANTASTIC and very funny piece on Target Field, the Metrodome (and much Lone Star Hate for it) and the current series we are playing. Great read! The comments section is pretty rich as well.

Target Field Analysis


Is Target Field the new PETCO? Here's a post that analyzes the dimensions and the homer potential. The general argument is that the factor of weather will rob hitters of power, and that it will turn into a pitchers park as the mercury dips. Also here is Part 2. And Part 3.

How to Slice Up the Twins' Target Field Like a Cake


Through stadium architect, Populous, you can see wha Target Field, looks like from every level. Starting with the Main Level everything above it is removed in these renderings with each subsequent image adding another to the "cake". In addition, there are two aerial views, plus the addition of roads and buildings that go with the project.

Minnesota Twins have a hole to fill at Target Field


The Twins need to hire a groundskeeper here pretty soon. Key quote: "We don't even own a batting cage," [Jerry] Bell laughed.

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