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Blackburn, Nishioka Outrighted, Removed from 40-Man


Per Aaron Gleeman and the Twitter, long-time Twins-killers Nick Blackburn and Tsuyoshi Nishioka were outrighted to Triple-A, which means neither are on the 40-Man roster anymore. I think we could all see this happening with Nishioka, but it was just recently that Terry Ryan and company were trying to sell the idea of hope and improvement for the case of Blackburn being a cog in the 2013 rotation. I presume this means Hendriks is coming back up, or maybe PJ Walters is set to come back? Either way, good riddance of poorly invested money.

Doumit gets 2-year extension, 3.5 mil/year


LenIII says it's a done deal. Pretty good in my eyes, especially if it means less chance of Butera sticking around. Although it might just be dooming us to two more years of carrying three catchers.

Joe Mauer Pics from rehab


Joe Mauer pics from extended spring training.

Nishioka is awesome


This is taken from an article over at MLB.com. Nishioka is currently on a 13 game hitting-streak. Awesome, you say? Not for Nishioka. He is clearly not impressed:: "If I continue to get one hit per game, then I'll only have 162 hits," Nishioka said through translator Ryo Shinkawa. "So I'll try to get more."

Nishioka's wikipedia entry


I haven't seen a lot of background on Nishioka so I went to Ol' Unreliable to see what it had to say. The two things that popped out to me was how young he was when he made the club and more worrisome, all the mentions of injuries over the years.

Vegas Watch still likes the Twins, puts them at o/u 87 Wins and fourth in the AL


I am stealing this from Beyond-The-Boxscore who point to the first over/under on MLB wins. Twins are their favorite in the AL Central, get 87, Whitesox one ahead of Detroit with 84.5.

Fan Negativity


I feel this should be posted here, and I beg that all of you read it. This is actually the first time I've read "Those Girls" in a long while, but I'm glad I chose to, today. It is important that we all remember this is just a game. I've found myself getting a little too angry at a player's performance at times. That in itself is pretty sad. But where I draw the line, and where everyone else should draw the line, is at personal hatred. Player hatred and personal attacks are uncalled for. And as inconveivable as it sounds, players do Google themselves. Not that you should really need a reason to control what you say. Whether there is a consequence to your actions or not, remember that you are talking to real-life human beings, about real-life human beings. Have some compassion. I am sorry to sound preachy, but what Sarah said is something I've wanted to say for awhile. And I wanted to add a little bit myself. Go ahead and read her article which is more eloquent than what I have to say.

Mauer signs - this guy's baseball


Is it jsut me, or does that headline make a guy just a little bit of a dick?

Just sayin'


We're still in this. Believe it.

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