Trade Deadline Feature

Twins trade deadline wrap


Jesse runs through the Twins' action - or inaction - at the MLB Trade Deadline, but also touches on what an exciting deadline it was simply as a baseball fan.

Will the Twins trade anyone at the trade deadline?


Jesse isn't confident that today will go well.

Twins trade rumors, Weds edition: Hammer, Suzuki


Here's your morning update, with a little over 30 hours remaining until the trade deadline.

Orioles out of Kurt Suzuki sweepstakes?


Is Baltimore truly out of the Suzuki running? Jesse doubts it.

Notes: Suzuki, Willingham, Correia, Fuld, Bullpen


This afternoon's daily wrap courtesy of opinions from around the interwebs.

5 teams that could have interest in Kurt Suzuki


With an extension unlikely, which contenders are in need of a catcher?

Twins trade rumors: Josh Willingham & Kurt Suzuki


Jesse takes a look at the most recent speculation regarding two of Minnesota's best trade chips: Josh Willingham and Kurt Suzuki.

Stock market report: Twins trade chips


The Twins are selling. Here's the latest on Minnesota's remaining tradable parts.

Twins at the deadline: who replaces the departed?


The Twins haven't traded anyone yet. But if/when they do, who will the team call up to take their place(s)?


Twins trade rumors: the market for Josh Willingham


Unless you're judging Josh Willinham's offensive value solely on batting average, it turns out this guy is still a pretty good hitter.

MLB Trade Deadline: who could the Twins sell?


Jesse looks ahead to July's trade deadline and wonders who the Twins could look to trade away if the team becomes a seller.

Trade Deadline Afternoon Update


The Twins biggest parts of interest are Justin Morneau and Glen Perkins. Here's your latest.

Twins Trade Rumors: Deadline Day Morning Update


Are you ready to get the 2013 MLB Trade Deadline day underway? Here's where you can get started for your Twins fix.

It's A Sellers' Market For Relievers


While trading Glen Perkins would unquestionably be an unpopular decision, the Twins could get a king's ransom in exchange based on what teams have been willing to surrender for other relievers.

Twins Trade Rumors: Orioles Interested In Morneau?


The Baltimore Sun has reported that the Orioles are scouting and have interest in Justin Morneau. Twinkie Town breaks down the situation.

Kevin Correia: ...Trade Chip?


For all of the lamenting over Kevin Correia's contract this offseason (including that of yours truly), he's pitched well enough to have a little bit of trade value.

How August Trades Work: Your MLB Waiver Season Primer, 2012


Confused about how trades work in August? Confused about waivers? Worry no longer, we have your cheat sheet!

Trade Deadline Day: Christensen Encourages Twins To Deal From Position of Strength


The Twins sold low on Francisco Liriano. They don't have the luxury of doing the same with Denard Span or Josh Willingham.

Twins Trade Rumors: Orioles and Liriano, Reds and Span, Somebody and Morneau, Everyone and Willingham


Your daily wrap up of the latest rumors regarding players the Twins could potentially deal before the non-waiver trade deadline.

BW's Trade Deadline Handicapper


Warne handicaps the Twins trade prospects as the trade deadline approaches.

Poll: Trade Josh Willingham?


With less than one week until the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, should Twins GM Terry Ryan be fielding offers on Josh Willingham, or is it simply too early in his contract for that to be a...

Were the Twins Aiming Too High?


Were the Twins waiting to make August deals, or will their non-committal deadline approach be costly?

Trade Deadline 2011--The Case for Edward the Sparkly Vampire


In which I argue that what the Twins bullpen REALLY needs is a vampire that doesn't have pre-marital sex. I'm sure you've heard this argument before.

Stu's Trade Deadline Feature: The Case for Airwolf


As the trade deadline approaches, the answer to the Twins starting pitching troubles becomes clear: AIRWOLF.

Trade Deadline Week: Twins Trade Rumors in 2010


A quick glance over the trade rumors we've heard so far this summer involving the Twins. Hint: there really aren't many.

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