Hot Stove 2012-2013

Offseason Twins news for the long winter of 2012-2013.

Twins (Maybe/Sorta/Possibly) Interested In Harang?


There have been conflicted reports on the Twins' interest in Aaron Harang, who's going to find himself with a new team in the next few days after being designated for assignment.

Twins Acquire Guy You've Probably Never Heard Of


No, this isn't one of Jon or Stu's satire posts. The Twins really did acquire a guy you've probably never heard of in exchange for another guy you've probably never heard of.

Twins Want Saunders on One-Year Deal


The Twins like Joe Saunders but appear unwilling to give the lefty more than one guaranteed year. At this point in the offseason, that's the correct approach.

Middle Infield Targets: Sanchez and Diaz


A look at two very different types of gambles the Twins can make to improve their middle infield in 2013 and beyond.

Bargain Shopping: Chris Capuano


With the Twins on the hunt for another starting pitcher, acquiring Chris Capuano from the Dodgers makes a lot more sense than another questionable free agent reclamation project with limited upside.

Twins Sign Kevin Correia For No Discernible Reason


The Twins reportedly signed Correia to a two-year deal worth $10million, which is about one year too long and $8million too rich for a guy who was the Pirates' fifth starter for the past two years.

Revere, Worley, May, and Now What?


After three days of nuthin', Thursday was a major day in Twins Territory, as they moved another center fielder for pitching help, shored up the bullpen, and said they weren't done working.

Twins Gauge Interest on Morneau, Offers Out to SP


The Twins are priming themselves to make moves for their rotation, but they're also looking to the future as they entertain notions of life without Justin Morneau.

Twins haven't signed a pitcher? Blame Zack Greinke


It would appear that the Zack Greinke Mounds O' Cash Intramural Bidding War is holding up the entire pitching market - which may be why the Twins have yet to get started with the signings.

Nationals Sign Dan Haren


There's one less starting pitcher on the market now that the Nationals have agreed to sign Dan Haren to a one-year deal.


Twins Will Bring In Competition for Trevor Plouffe


Knowing what we now know about Trevor Plouffe, this can't be a bad thing.

Is Morneau an Orioles Trade Target?


There haven't been any reports explicitly saying so, but there's enough out there to speculate that the Orioles could have their eyes on Morneau.

Twins target every starting pitcher available


The Twins are "ruling nothing out" when it comes to filling their starting pitching gaps.

Twins Targeting Blanton, Correia, Pelfrey, Padilla


There are a lot of names mentioned here. Get out your notebook. Start new pages for four new names, too.

Jurrjens, Lannan, McCarthy, highlight SP targets


The Twins are, and should, be examining every possibility.

Twins after free-agent starters at Winter Meetings


Minnesota appears set to focus on signing free-agent starting pitchers at baseball's Winter Meetings, rather than acquiring them via trade - but is this just a smoke screen to create a market to...

Minnesota Twins Winter Meetings Primer, 2012


Today kicks off everything we love and hate about the Winter Meetings: RUMORS! No matter where you stand on this week, we have everything you need to know about the Twins' starting position right...

Twins sign Jeff Clement. Who is Jeff Clement?


The Twins signed Triple-A first baseman Jeff Clement to a minor-league contract. Let's try to learn something about Jeff Clement, shall we?

Scott Baker Signs One-Year Deal With Cubs


After nearly 1,000 innings over parts of seven seasons with the Twins, Scott Baker has moved on to a new team for the first time in his career. He'll call the north side of the Windy City home in...

One Year Ago: Burton, Carroll, Doumit


With the one year "anniversary" of the Jared Burton, Jamey Carroll and Ryan Doumit signings here, we can likely expect the offseason to pick up soon. Because let's face it, we're all sick of...

Deduno, Vasquez to return - on minor-league deals


The Twins will re-sign Samuel Deduno and Esmerling Vasquez after outrighting both pitchers - but both will be on minor-league contracts.

Previewing the Twins arbitration process


Jared Burton, Drew Butera, and Brian Duensing are all eligible for arbitration this off-season. Let's look at some of the numbers - and what might happen if any cases actually get to a hearing.

Twins Inquire On James Shields


The Twins are indeed looking to upgrade their rotation. Shields would constitute a clear and immediate upgrade over any number one the Twins have had since Johan Santana.

Deduno outrighted, Baker a free agent


The Twins took Samuel Deduno off the 40-man roster, and though he can become a free agent, he appears to be leaning towards staying with the team. Meanwhile, Scott Baker is now a free agent and can...

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