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A final look—and laugh—at 2013

I am glad to be done looking back on that mess

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A’s 2, Twins 1: Relief Practice

Twins successfully do not hurt themselves!

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Game 159: Athletics at Twins

A game in which players simply try not to get injured

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Twins 6, A’s 4: A’s in the hole

Why settle for a loss when we can win baseball games?

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The Latest

Game 158: A’s at Twins

We want the A’s to suffer on the field tonight, not off it.

Twins 11, A’s 3: Matt Wallner’s grand slam propels Twins to victory

A five run first inning was more than enough to seal this one.

Game 157: A’s at Twins

Just stay healthy, everyone.

Twins 9, Angels 3: Bringing the Thunder

The rain delay woke up the Twins’ bats and Joe Ryan looked solid in his second to last tune up before the playoffs.

Twins History and Nostalgia

Game 156: Angels at Twins

"Hey—it could happen!"

Twins Minor Leagues

Angels 1, Twins 0: The Hangover (2009)

Sonny is Sonny, but the lineup was the lineup.

Game 155: Angels at Twins

I’M UP! I’m up.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Book Club

Twins 8, Angels 6: CENTRAL CHAMPS

Game CLIV: Anaheim @ Twins

The Twins will try to lock down the AL Central against an ailing Angels team.

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Royce Lewis Injury Update; Evaluating Potential Replacements

Royce Lewis is out at least through the end of the regular season, and it’s coin flip to see if he’ll be ready for October. What do the Twins do then?

Royce Lewis is putting out Kirby Puckett vibes

The rare combination of extraordinary talent AND natural leadership

Twins 5, Reds 3: Greene with Envy

The Hunter Greene vs Royce Lewis debate will have to wait.

Game 153: Twins at Reds

The Minnesota Willi Castros try to take the series from the Reds and inch closer to clinching.

Twins 7, Reds 0: Magic number down to 3, but Royce Lewis day-to-day with hamstring tightness

Kenta Maeda and the bullpen worked a shutout, while the lineup did plenty of damage.

Game 152: Twins at Reds

Kenta Maeda and the Twins take on the Reds.

Reds 7, Twins 3: Correa aggravates foot injury, Twins lose

Not a whole lot positive to say about this one...

Game 151: Twins at Reds

Inching closer to clinching...

Twins 4, White Sox 0: Cease desists

The magic number moves again!

Game 150: Twins at White Sox

A rivalry unlike any other

White Sox 7, Twins 6: But No Cigar

The Sox strike back after two convincing losses.

Game 149: Twins at White Sox

It’s my division, and I want it NOW!

2003 Candles in the Wind (Pt. 3): Michael Ryan

The pebble in Chicago’s White Sox

Twins 10, White Sux 2: Boring Royce Lewis hits another lousy grand slam

Someone call me when he does something impressive, like steal the pitcher’s glove during a game.

Game CXLVIII: Twins @ White Sux

Bailey Ober gets the start tonight for the Twins after returning from AAA.

Twins 10, White Sox 2: Twins Morb out and unleash the bats

Big Bats

Game 147: Twins at White Sox

One of the games of all time

Rays 5, Twins 4: Jax and five

Second time ain’t the charm.

Game 146: Rays at Twins

Beating a good team twice >>> beating a good team once.


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