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Reacts Results: Offseason Grades Are In!

C’s get degrees!

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The 2012 documentary you may have missed: Knuckleball!

99% spoiler-free. (Hint: throwing a knuckler successfully is a really, really difficult thing to do.)

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Twins Reacts Survey: Grading Minnesota’s Offseason

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Greatest Minnesota Twins: The Twinkie Town Definitive List (Round 18)

The Rodney Dangerfield of Twins pitching history

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The Latest

Twins acquire OF Manuel Margot from Dodgers for SS Noah Miller

A former first-round shortstop heads to L.A. in return.

Monday Morning Minnesota: The Right Sizing Edition

The Pohlads are hoping this team has the right stuff.

Limited Edition Twins Starter Jackets

Available now, get them before they run out!

Rocco’s Flexible Flyers

Baldelli may have found his calling card: versatility

Satire, Irreverence, & Other Humor

Fort Report: Good Health, Bad Pohlads

Healthy Buxton/Correa/everyone = Good! Payroll being lower than it’s been since the Metrodome = embarrassingly bad!

Twins History and Nostalgia

TT Roundtable: 1998-2023 Best Roster

What’s the best roster you can make with one player from each season from the past 26 years?

Greatest Minnesota Twins: The Twinkie Town Definitive List (Round 17)

Another Sixties Slugger sneaks in

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Book Club

Monday Morning Minnesota: The Spring Training Starts Edition

Hope is in the air!

Rival Roundup, Vol. 51: Reporting For Duty

Here it comes.

Twinkie Town Merch Store

The different versions of "Fever Pitch"

We look at the better sports movie that was remade into a OK-but-shallower sports movie.

A look back at 2004’s Victory Sports debacle

When Carl Pohlad went rogue

Breaking Down the Twins’ (likely) 2024 Opening Day Roster

At least as it stands right now.

Greatest Minnesota Twins: The Twinkie Town Definitive List (Round 16)

The Rat takes the cheese

Monday Morning Minnesota: The “Baseball Season Has Officially Started” Edition

The official first day of the 2024 season

Twins Trade Nick Gordon to Marlins for Lefty Steven Okert

The Chief Vibes Officer makes his way to Miami.

Classic player video game ULTIMATE WORLD SERIES SHOWDOWN

It’s the final imaginary round of teams featuring old/new players (and a recently traded one).

Rival Roundup, Vol. 50: At Witt’s End

A huge extension dominates this week’s Central news.

3 baseball-adjacent Super Bowl thoughts

Enjoy football’s last gasp—or baseball’s near-return!

Twins Make Santana, Jackson Signings Official, DFA Three Players

A former Top 100 prospect loses his roster spot.

Understanding What Goes into Pitching Stuff Models

Featuring Simeon Woods-Richardson

Greatest Minnesota Twins: The Twinkie Town Definitive List (Round 15)

Mr. Reliable

Monday Morning Minnesota: The Hot Minnesota Stove Edition

Some good moves and some sad moves for the Twins

Twins to Sign RP Jay Jackson, Who is Real

Look, there’s pictures to prove it.

Twins to sign 1B/DH Carlos Santana

It’s reportedly a 1-year, $5.25M deal with incentives

Twins to return to Bally for 2024


Sports—no longer Illustrated?

Another one (probably) bites the dust

The choicest delectable baseball-ish links for you

Once again, the Hosken Powell Memorial Link Dump lives on, so that overflowing browser windows I have open can die.

Greatest Minnesota Twins: The Twinkie Town Definitive List (Round 14)

Bum bum, bum bum—yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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