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2023 MLB Storylines

A division-by-division look at MLB before Opening Day

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What Does “Success” Mean to You in 2023?

Gauging Expectations

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WBC Final: Team USA vs. Team Japan

Game Preview and Thread — Team USA tries to repeat as World Baseball Classic Champions

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The Twins’ hitting stars of Spring Training (so far) are...

We’re two-thirds of the way through the Grapefruit League schedule. Who has stood out at the plate for the Twins?

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The Latest

Call for Twins 2022-2023 Off-Season Plans

How would you handle this off-season? Pretend you’re the Falvine and let us know your plans for the future of the Twins

The unsanitary way I got interested in "MLB: The Show"

For children of all ages... no. For adults who've had awful landlords.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 40: Rounding Third

Just one more round-up before the square-up.

Twins Top Prospect Vote 2023: Round 5

Julien upsets the field in round 4. Who comes next?

Twins History and Nostalgia

How’s the weather up there, Grayson Greiner?

The altitudinous backstop has his day in the sun

Twins Minor Leagues

Why Griffin Jax is Adding a Cutter

A weapon that tunnels with his wipe-out slider in the zone should help his fastball

Monday Morning Minnesota: Rule Changes Edition

Its all anyone seems to talk about.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Book Club

Rival Roundup, Vol. 39: Rounding Second

Less than three weeks from the season’s start!

Can the Twins bullpen turn the clock back to 2003?

Twenty years ago, the pen was a powerhouse

Twinkie Town Merch Store

Twins Top Prospect Vote 2023: Round 4

We move into the glut of mid-level prospects.

It Is Hard to Hit MLB Pitching

Kenta Maeda’s PitchCom adventure is a reminder of how hard it is to hit a baseball, even when you know what pitch is coming

When The Bally Breaks: where will the Twins be on TV?

Some changes could be coming to your screen machine.

The Twins’ improved depth is already looking extremely important

The front office did its job this offseason, making some extremely fortuitous moves

Rival Roundup, Vol. 38: The Florida Keys

Teams around the division get their first glimpse of a roadmap to 2023 success.

Things we lost in the pandemic (Pt. 2): Off the rails

A public transit train-wreck

Twins Top Prospect Vote 2023: Round 3

An overwhelming win from Royce Lewis takes us to the Twins 3rd prospect.

On the Relationship of Pitch Tempo and Defense

You’ll hear that a quicker pace will help defenders stay engaged and perform better. Is that really true?

Monday Morning Minnesota: Further Spring Jokes Edition

Baseball is being played!

Twins open Spring Training by splitting a pair of, well, split-squad games

Offense aplenty on the first day of spring training game action

2/25 Open Thread — Split Squad Debut @ Orioles / vs. Rays

And just like that, big-league ball is back.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 37: Sprung

Sprung trawning.

Things we lost in the pandemic (Pt. 1): Vanishing Vendors

Target Field aisles are now conspicuously silent.

What the Donovan Solano Signing Means for the Twins’ Roster

The Twins bring in yet another former Cincinnati Red.

Examining the Twins’ Extra-Innings Strategy

Manfredball is here to stay. What’s the best way to play it?

Twins Top Prospect Vote 2023: Round 2

Brooks Lee takes the crown. Who’s number 2?

Should the Twins sign additional bullpen help?

Reviewing the remaining relief pitching options on the market

Twins Offseason Recap

There may be a couple more moves to come, but the Twins have already had an eventful offseason.

The Twins might finally be strong up the middle

Fulfilling an old-school baseball adage.