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Welcome to Twinkie Town

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your new Twins-based community. For all of you making the move from Twins Territory, I'm glad you're here. To the rest of you, welcome!

What you see on the screen in front of you is, in my mind, very much Twins Territory version 2.0. In many senses, those of you familiar with TG's site will be able to navigate the site with minimal difficulty. Diaries are blogs. Sign up is free. Post your thoughts. The purpose of Twinkie Town is identical to Twins Territory, but large of a task though it may be...I want it to be bigger.

Check things out on the right side of the page for recent posts and links to other Twins fan-sites as well as other blogs related to Twinkie Town. Basically, this is not a stand-alone community but one of many--we are now part of a gigantic family of MLB blogs/diaries.

Thanks to Blez at Athletics Nation for an opportunity to keep Twins Territory going. Thanks to Batgirl for all of her help in setting this up. Finally, thanks to John for starting me on this whole journey in the first place.

That's it for now. Welcome to Twinkie Town. There's a long and interesting off season already underway, so enough jibbah jabbah and let's get to it...

PS-Click on "Entry Link" below to take a poll...I'll figure out how to post these on the right column soon...