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Payroll: Contracted Players

                                   2006            2007                2008
Torii Hunter                 10.75MM      12MM (2MM)
Mike Redmond              900K
Juan Castro                  1MM            1MM (50K)
Shannon Stewart          6.5MM
Juan Rincon                  900K
Carlos Silva                 3.2MM          4MM (100K)
Johan Santana             9MM             12MM                13.12MM
Brad Radke                 9MM
J.C. Romero                2.2MM          2.75MM (250K)
Joe Mays                     (500K)
Joe Nathan                  3.75MM        5.25MM              6MM (1MM)
SUBTOTAL                47,700,000

This is just a glance at what the numbers look like for Twins under contract.  Some of these numbers will grow with incentives, but before you even get to the serf-level players (I'll get to an entire squad overview of payroll soon) the Twins are already dishing out nearly $48 million for the 10 guys under contract and the one guy we bought out.

News from at least a couple of sources (Star Tribune, Terry Ryan specifically) could imply that Minnesota may be looking to up their payroll ceiling.  For the Twins to remain competetive, and for the offense to be able to deliver any punch, it may be a necessity and not a "wouldn't that be great!" style luxury.

Over the coming days I'll be examining potential trades and free agents, including Mike Piazza, Lyle Overbay, Alfonso Soriano, Tony Graffanino, and more.  Stay tuned as Twinkie Town comes alive...