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Au Revoir, Jacque

Rumors are flying about Jacque's market value.  Either way, each day seems to be one day closer to Jones' signing with a team that's not the Twins.

Last week there was a rumor the Cardinals were close to floating Jones a 3-year, $20 million dollar deal.  This week there was a rumor the Royals were going to offer Jones a 4-year, $24 million dollar deal.  No matter where you hear it, the market value for Jacque seems to be $6-$8 million dollars.  As of today I'm giving Jones exactly a 0% chance of coming back to Minnesota, although I wouldn't be opposed to seeing him in uniform for the Twins in 2006.  He's always been a favorite of mine, and I'll be sad to see him go.

Tony Graffanino

The Kansas City Star reported today that the Twins could be nearing an agreement on Red Sox free agent second baseman Tony Graffanino.  In 2005, Graffanino hit .309 with a .366 OBP and .791 OPS in 110 games.  Holding average-minus power, he does control the plate well, racks up doubles, and carries decent speed.  At 33 he's not getting any younger and could be on the decline at any time, but at the price he brings he may be a nice stop-gap type acquisition.

Manny for Abreu?

There have been reports this week that Boston and Philadelphia have been in discussions for a straight up trade for two of the league's most talented hitters.  Both players can block any deal, and there have been countered reports stating that news of this deal is simply a red herring and will not happen.  There's also been an alleged radio-rumor flying about Abreu for San Francisco's Jason Schmidt...also untrue.  Confirmed reports say talks between Boston and the Angels concerning Ramirez have intensified.

Mike Piazza

All through 2005 I stated that in no reality would Piazza don a Twins jersey.  As his abilities have declined and his market value drops, these chances improve slightly.  I'm not sure whether I'd be more excited about a Piazza or Garciaparra signing, but both have as much of a chance to be busts as they do to be successful.  Today the New York Daily News reports there are 4 teams in the American League interested in the future Hall of Fame catcher, and 3 teams remain interested in the National League.

New York, New York...

Both the Bronx and Queens versions of New York ballclubs have or are on the verge of making significant moves.  The Mets have acquired closer Billy Wagner as well as slugging first baseman Carlos Delgado.  On the American League side, Kyle Farnsworth has been confirmed to be moving to the Yankees to set up Mariano Rivera.


Who would you rather see in a Twins uniform?

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