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Jones Rejects Arbitration

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Dan Lozano, Jacgue Jones' agent, reports Jones probably won't be playing for Minnesota in 2006.

By rejecting the Twins' offer of arbitration, the chance of Jones being a returning member of the only organization he's ever played for have shrunk from a sliver to virtually zero.  All that's left is for Jones to literally sign with another team.

Last week there was a rumored offer from Kansas City that was apparently untrue, but this week there is another rumor including the Royals and Jones to the tune of 3 years, $15 million dollars.  Along with Minnesota, Seattle, Arizona and the Dodgers are rumored to be the most interested suitors.

With all the multi-year offers coming in, Lozano said there was no way Jones would accept a 1-year deal.  Should Jones sign with another team, and there's no doubt he will, the Twins will be compensated with a draft pick.

Terry Ryan has stated he was awaiting Jones' decision before proceeding with other free agents.  It looks like Jones' decision has been made.

One more time:  Au Revoir, Jacque.