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Boxing Day Tidbits

This has been discussed in another thread already, but here are the definates for those of you who haven't read it.

Accoring to Baseball America Jacque Jones was qualified as a type B free agent, meaning the Twins get a fourth round pick from the Cubs (pick 120).  This leaves Kevin Millwood (B), Al Leiter (B), Rich Aurilia (B) and Jeff Weaver (A) as the only free agents remaining that would require draft compensation.

From everything that I've read, the only one of these players who are having intense discussions with any club is Millwood.  ESPN reports the Red Sox have contacted Millwood's high-flying agent Scott Boras.  Luckily for the low-budget Sox, Boras is known to sell his agents at below market value.

Does anyone know what the Royals are doing?  Anyone?

Reggie Sanders signs a 2-year, $10 million dollar deal.  Joe Mays signs a 1-year, $1 million dollar deal.  Mark Grudzielanek, Doug Mientkiewicz, Scott Elarton and Paul Bako also choose to play in one of the most beautiful ballparks in baseball.  I suppose you play somewhere, anywhere, if you love the game.  Was Kansas City the best offer on the table for these guys?  Is there any way they sign with the Royals thinking "Yeah, we've got a chance to be competetive..."

Sweeney's there (still), there's some young pitcher by the name of Greinke, and there are...water fountains...behind center field.  Which is good.

It's not that I even dislike Kansas City.  How can I dislike a team so lost within our own division?  Sadly it's just to the point now that I feel a little bad for them.  They came so close to being competetive in 2003, but the last +.500 season they had prior was in 1994.  Do Royals fans long for glory days of Wally Joyner, David Cone, Kevin Appier and something named Bob Hamelin?  There was a young Tom Gordon, a nearly finished Greg Gagne, a still useful Gary Gaetti, and a faded Dave Henderson.  Those were the days...

...says the guy whose team was nearly contracted due to the impotence of the mid and late 90's...

So much for entertaining thoughts of Troy Glaus manning third base...

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports has reported that, pending a phyical today in Toronto, Troy Glaus will be shipped from Arizona to the Jays in exchange for 2B Orlando Hudson and RHP Miguel Batista.  Glaus has apparently decided to waive his no-trade clause.

While this does close one door, it opens yet another, which I've alluded to in the survey.  Many others have posted their thoughts on the idea as well.  Behind this door is Shea Hillenbrand, due to Toronto's suddenly overstuffed infield.  He's been discussed at length in other threads, and upon the completion of this deal I expect to see much more of it here.  In fact I'm sure I'll get to it myself.


Here's a copy of a note obtained through secret meetings and meaningful winks and gestures:

Dear Tony,

The secret in being first to the post-game buffet is in the motivation.  Find something that moves you, that makes your mouth water with anticipation, and use it!

For me it's been a number of things.  Cheese dip and donuts.  Frosting and steak.  You may want to try pudding-drizzled chicken.

We've always had a great spread.  I'm sure you'll have no problems.  Good luck!

Matthew L.