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Jones Offered Arbitration

Just when you think it's over...

As the 11pm arbitration deadline approached last night, the Twins made the offer to long-time outfielder Jacque Jones.  By offering Jones arbitration, they retain the right to sign him.  Had they not offered him arbitration, they would have been unable to sign him until after May 1.

Rumored to have received interest from Kansas City, St. Louis and Atlanta, Terry Ryan maintains there is still a slight possibility the Twins could retain Jones.  All this after I gave Jones exactly a 0% chance of returning just days shouldn't be toying with me like this, Ryan...

Now that Jones has been offered arbitration, he has until December 19 to accept it.  If Jones does accept, the Twins retain exclusive negotiating rights toward a contract.  If Jones declines, the Twins have until January 8 to resign him.  If they don't or can't get him to sign by Jaunary 8, they cannot resign Jones until after May 1...essentially ending Jones' tenure in Minnesota.

Should Jones come back?  For him, he can certainly get a bigger contract elsewhere.  For me, I'd love to see him in right field for one more season.  For the team, well, that's the question.