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Rivas Signs With Devil Rays

Wherever you are, David Wintheiser, I'm sure you know your boy has moved down south already...

Back at Twins Territory last season, and pretty much most other places, the Twin the blogosphere was most likely to rip on was Luis Rivas.  Rightfully so, as Rivas never grew as a player, rarely seemed to give the effort that less talented playes gave, and often seemed to be swinging for the fences when really all we wanted him to do was get on base.

On Wednesday, reported that Tampa Bay reached an agreement on a minor-league deal with Rivas, now 26.

Career Numbers

Year   Age   Games   OBP   OPS   SB
2000   20      16   .323  .737    2
2001   21     153   .319  .681   31
2002   22      93   .305  .697    9
2003   23     135   .308  .690   17
2004   24     109   .283  .715   15
2005   25      59   .311  .627    4

Defensively, Rivas was long as he got to the ball.  Always a difficult measure to quantify, Rivas was widely regarded as solid with the leather but lackluster on the range and aforementioned effort.

Now, he's the Devil Rays' issue.  Happy trails, Luis Rivas.  May Tampa Bay bring you more success than did Minnesota.