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'Scuse Me? You Talkin' to Me?

Anyone knows what this is supposed to mean...

The best part of the post-season thus far was watching Justin Morneau and the Twins get swept. I've never hated the Twins; never had any reason to do so. I'm slowly coming around though.

There has been a culture brewing for some time up there in the Land of Frozen Lakes, a culture of inferiority that permeates through the greater Minneapolis media that has taken hold with the Twins and their fans alike.

My general apathy towards the Twins started to change late last season when Santana mysteriously came up with a blister and was pushed back so that he would face the Sox twice in September. Back then the Twins were in denial mode; they wouldn't admit that they wanted anyone but the White Sox in the playoffs. Mr. Morneau didn't feel the need to be so sly this year. He came right out and said it.

The Sox will never harbor the malevolence that the Twins seem to breed in their farm system and clubhouse, but they will always be shooting for more than 'anybody but the Twins.' That's the type of attitude that has you three-and-out in the playoffs.

I'm glad I'm a fan of the team that shoots for the big prize.

...because it sounds like a bunch of crap.  It's a section of a post from South Side Sox.

Mostly I'm not sure where to start, because over the last two seasons I haven't had any particular reason to dislike Chicago, other than my love-hate relationship with A.J. Pierzynski.  They're a good team, and for better or for worse at least I get a laugh out of Ozzie Guillen on a weekly basis.

What's the point of bringing up the "mysterious" Santana blister?  Chicago still kicked our asses in 2005, so harboring some kind of resentment for an act which may or may not have been on purpose but ultimately made no difference...well, it seems a little petty.

And "...shoots for the big prize"?  Really?  Passing up on the easy shot, what is this supposed to mean?  Honestly, I have no idea, because it certainly appears that the Twins have built themselves into a serious contender who can make a couple of legitimate runs over the next couple of years.  I'm sure there's a double entendre in there, but it misses its mark pretty wide.

One more thing...does anyone have a clue as to what this "culture" we're building is? Aside from winning and grooming talented young pitching?